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The US online grocery shipping and home delivery market, valued at $257.5 billion, continues to grow significantly. This expansion is driven by increasing consumer demand for convenience and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated the shift towards online shopping.

My 40-year-old son and his girlfriend in Nashville, for instance, never shop for groceries in person; everything is ordered online and delivered to their doorstep.

It was only a matter of time before this shopping revolution reached Ecuador. Between 2016 and 2017, the business concept for TIPTI was developed, aiming to bring this service to Ecuador.

By 2018, TIPTI was officially launched as a virtual assistant for supermarket and specialty home shopping. TIPTI, which stands for “Time for You,” connects a specialized team of shoppers with customers to meet their home needs, ensuring that ordered products arrive safely at their destination. The company anticipated growth in 2019 and worked on creating new alliances with recognized brands to expand its market. When the pandemic hit in 2020, TIPTI faced a significant challenge as demand exceeded its capacity.

However, the company successfully managed the surge in orders without compromising on service quality. The coordinated efforts of the entire team, especially the shoppers, allowed Ecuadorian families to receive their groceries at home safely.

Since 2021, TIPTI has maintained gradual and sustained growth, becoming a leader in e-commerce in Ecuador. Post-pandemic, TIPTI has increased sales and continued building a solid consumer base, now serving 45 cities in Ecuador.

TIPTI is ranked among the 100 companies with the best reputation in Ecuador, according to MERCO (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor).

I first used TIPTI during the COVID shutdown to avoid the hassle of navigating stores with constantly changing health requirements. The system was easy to understand, and my orders were delivered quickly and correctly. I appreciated the convenience and cost savings of not needing to take a taxi, spend time shopping, wait in checkout lines, load into another taxi, then finally unload and carry the bags up to my fourth-story condo.

For me, grocery shopping is a chore, not a social event, and I have better ways to spend my time.

TIPTI Delivers Fast! Shop Online

As I write this article, I need to order a few things from TIPTI. Here’s how easy it is:

Visit their website: (https://www.tipti.market/). You can also download their app, but I use my laptop.

Register as a new user: Your browser will likely translate the page to English. TIPTI accepts both US credit and debit cards. Check your location by clicking the menu icon next to the logo, go to configuration, and then register. Select English as your language and add your location.

Select your products: TIPTI offers more than just groceries. You can order pharmacy items, household goods, clothes, pet supplies, and more—nine different product categories.

Shop at the supermarket: On the site, the supermarket is called Supermaxi. Use the search bar in English to find products, though detailed descriptions are in Spanish.

Review your order: Go to the cart page, check your order, then proceed to the delivery page to add your credit/debit card information and complete the purchase

Email Conformations: You receive a receipt of your purchase and a conformation of your order.

Receive your order: My order is delivered by an English speaker within an hour.

It’s that simple. If I can do it with my level of computer skills, anyone can.

Try TIPTI today and see how much time it will save you!

Tipti is ranked with among the best business reputations in Ecuador. You will be satisfied with their service. To encourage you to try or reorder from TIPTI, they are giving you a $20 discount on orders of $80 or more

Here’s how to get the coupon:

1. If not already a customer, register with TIPTI (https://www.tipti.market/)

2. Download the TIPTI app from the App Store

3. Scan the QR code from the camera on your cell phone

4. Then go to the menu (3 horizonal lines on the top lift side of your account page), scroll down to “codes and promotions” to confirm the discount has been applied to your account (EXPATQ2)

5. The code is now activated.

6. When you’re ready to check out with an order of $80+ your $20 discount will automatedly be applied.

You will be satisfied with TIPTI’s service.  Order today! 

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