Cuenca Expats Magazine, Issue 40

Hello Beautiful Cuenca!

Wow! I haven’t seen this much rain in Cuenca since I moved here almost 9 years ago. Yet, regardless of the daily downpours, people are still getting out to enjoy each other and all Cuenca has to offer. The parks have been full of families on the weekends, and have you noticed the several new restaurants around town?  Speaking of news, we have an exciting new announcement for our readers. After a COVID hiatus of 2 years, Cuenca Expats Magazine will be offering the magazine in print version starting this month!CDid you know that in North America the leading cause of death is of a heart attack or stroke? Cuenca is one of the few cities that offers world-class heart care at its various Cardio Centers. Enjoy our cover story, as we share the unique services offered and the trained specialists available for all your heart care needs. 

There is a new calling service to the US available in Cuenca: JVOIP. It provides its customers with easy options for their calling needs. If you have to make a call to or receive a call from the US, there is no need to buy expensive plans or have two phones. JVOIP has you covered. Read about their easy-to-use app (available for under $10) and about their risk-free trial offer.CI, like many of you, has been reading about the inflation rates back in the US. Some are reporting forty-year highs? If you are like me and need more information on how to better protect yourself, then check out “Expats and Their Finances.” In our Cuenca Architecture section, read about Jane Hiltbrand’s invitation by the Montero family to view their unique and beautiful family home. “Casa San Jose,” believed to have been originally built in the 1800’s, is going through a major renovation. We will be highlighting the renovation progress in future magazines.

Looking for a neat place to visit and relax? Do you love learning about the rainforest and ecosystems? Check out our Travel & Adventure exclusive on the Mashpi Lodge. When you read about this amazing, eco-protected reserve, you will want to book your own trip.

Something that none of us want to think about, but should, is End of Life Planning. You will want to make sure your family and you are protected. In Citizen Journalism, we share the necessary Ecuadorian documents (very different from back home) you will need to complete planning, and we suggest that you contact Julio Cabrera, General Manager of the MEMOPAZ funeral home. Make sure to inquire about financing just for expats.

In the Arts and Crafts area, we have a fun article about crochet during the COVID shutdown. Read about the love that goes into each piece, as well as how to have a specialized item made just for you. In this issue, we also continue with Part 2 on the artist Eduardo Segovia. My favorite, all-time best activity to do here in Cuenca is spending spa day with my friends at Piedra de Agua! With that said, it is an honor to announce that Piedra de Agua has been awarded the Winner of the World Spa & Wellness Awards, launched in 2012.

One last, exciting piece of news. We are offering a new feature in this printed issue: QR codes. Just click on the code with your smart phone and you will find a beautiful video on Ecuador and a humorous look at the 10 reasons one expat chooses to live here.

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It is with immense pleasure to see Cuenca back to normal, and to announce the magazine is back in print! Because of COVID distribution protocols, we were not able to provide you with a printed copy of Cuenca Expats Magazine over the past two years. Fortunately, we were able to publish the online version during this hiatus and will continue with the online version along with a printed edition. To find your free printed copy of the magazine, we will have the same distribution points in Supermaxi (las Americas, El Vergel and Don Basco), with the addition of the Coral at Batan Shopping—all places most expats regularly visit. There are many new expats who have arrived in Cuenca over the past two years.   We welcome all new readers to our community, and we welcome back those who have been with the magazine for the past nearly 7 years.

Thank you for your continued support of Cuenca Expats Magazine.

Best, Ed Lindquist,

Managing Partner, Expats Magazines Group