Cuenca Expats Magazine, Issue 41


We trust everyone had an enjoyable Carnival! 

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal readers. You made these recent awards possible:

  1. Cuenca Expats Magazine was honored with a Special Entrepreneurialism Award by the Ecuadoran-American Chamber of Commerce. This was the first ever awarded to an expat business.
  2. Cuenca Expats Magazine was voted the Best Magazine for 2023 in Gringo Post’s annual voting.

We also want to recognize our senior writer, Jane Hiltbrand. Jane is the writer and photographer of the Cuenca Architecture and the Historic Hacienda features. She won both the Best Blog and Best Photographer categories.

In this issue, the cover story is on the new Coral at Batan Shopping.  This Target-like store is taking action to make the one-stop shopping experience even better, so expats can shop more and save more.

Wish for country living and a farm that grows a cash crop?  Well, look no further. See Ashly Rogers’ announcement for Casa de Bucay, a 20-hectare cacao farm and very large house just three hours from Cuenca and one hour from GYE.  BTW, Ashley was the Gringo Post winner for six straight years as Cuenca’s Best Realtor. Congratulations Ashley!

In this issue 41 (print version distributed at Coral Batan), we have some very interesting articles.  Learn about Le Moulin, dining in an old mill from the 1600s, and BHKB an especially store where you can buy quality US and other name-brand kitchen and bath accessories, plus the world’s top-selling spas.

It makes sense to have an eye examination once a year.  Here’s a new, affordable, conveniently located option we found for you—Optical Columbiana. Also, these days when everyone is concerned about money, you’ll want to read the latest Expats and Their Finances feature. 

We mentioned Jane earlier, and in this issue is another of her articles about Cuenca’s historic architecture. And, if you are still thinking about a trip to Galapagos?  You’ll want to read part two of our first-hand report.

There are many excellent ways expats are contributing to help the Ecuadorian people. Here’s one we bet you don’t know about:  a non-profit group helping indigenous farmers raise and sell vanilla.  Read about it here.

You may have noticed the square with funny lines in our recent issues.  That’s a QR code, and when you click it with your smart phone you connect with more information, including videos that are not on the printed page.  This is one way we are increasing the usefulness of the magazine.  Never used a QR?  No problem.  We’ll show you how in four easy steps in this issue.

Remember to get your print of Cuenca Expats Magazine FREE at Coral Batan.  Hurry, they go fast.  But if you want to read it online, go to  Sign up for the VIP club and we’ll email the monthly issue directly to you. And, be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest scoop about expat life in Cuenca.

“Thanks again for being loyal readers for the last 7 ½ years!”


Cuenca Expats Magazine Team

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