Cuenca Expats Magazine, Issue 43

Dear Esteemed Readers,

As we stand on the threshold of our eighth anniversary, we are filled with profound gratitude for the journey we’ve shared. It’s an honor to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated readers, esteemed advertisers, and the remarkable individuals who have poured their efforts into shaping this magazine. Over the years, we’ve weathered both moments of triumph and trials, standing strong even in the face of adversity such as the painful losses to Covid and the challenging strike. But throughout it all, the steadfast souls who have remained, alongside the newcomers who have embraced our cause, have cultivated an unbreakable bond of affection for the charming tapestry of our adopted historic city and the warm camaraderie of our neighbors.

As we reflect on our role, we recognize the privilege of serving as a vital conduit between the Spanish-speaking business community and the vibrant English-speaking expat community of 10,000 strong. It’s a duty we don’t take lightly, and one that fuels our commitment to fostering connections, understanding, and shared experiences.

Have you noticed the evolution of our magazine in this edition? Indeed, change is in the air. In celebration of our 8th anniversary, Cuenca Expats Magazine proudly announces its transition to eco-friendly practices, with the adoption of recycled paper for its pages. This thoughtful shift not only champions the preservation of our precious trees but also contributes to the conservation of water and reduction of chemicals in the paper production process. It’s a small step that speaks volumes, and we may well be pioneers in Ecuador in making such a choice.

As we close, we extend our warmest regards to each and every one of you. With optimism in our hearts, we eagerly anticipate the wonderful expat experiences that lie ahead.


Co-Founders, Maite Duran and Ed Lindquist