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You walk into a bank and there is a long line waiting for a teller. Finally, it’s your turn, but you are told you need to see a financial assistant and need to go to the kiosk to get a number. Another long wait and it’s time. Unfortunately, the only English speaking assistant isn’t working today. Have you ever wished for a bank that gives you the service you desire—no lines, no long waits, a personal assistant, easy to navigate websites, and English-speaking staff. Impossible you say? Not any longer. Meet ProCredit Bank Ecuador where your wishes do come true.

ProCredit Bank Ecuador is not the kind of bank most people are used to. There are no long lines, long telephone waits or confusing websites. ProCredit Bank Ecuador offers a “personal banker” for each account. It’s the kind of service that only the wealthiest in North America enjoy. Now you get to enjoy that kind of service too.

Almost all of your banking needs with ProCredit Bank Ecuador can be done online. However, should you really need to speak to a person, your personal banker is there for you. A major plus that will get your attention is that all ProCredit Bank Ecuador employees speak English!

Matriz ProCreditEveryone has some knowledge of Germany and its precision-made automobiles, excellent food, and beautiful vistas, but may not be familiar with its financial institutions. ProCredit Bank Ecuador is a German based company whose security and resilience is given by the strong and close support of ProCredit Holding, its parent company. All accounts are guaranteed by the deposit insurance given by the Corporación del Seguro de Depósitos, COSEDE, up to $32,000. ProCredit Bank Ecuador values transparency in communication with its clients. The bank strives to reduce its ecological footprint and provide services based on both an understanding of each client’s individual situation and sound financial analysis. It’s not a one size fits all operation.

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The first thing you notice when you approach ProCredit Bank Ecuador (located next to the Zahir Hotel) is that the building looks ordinary, completely different from the normal façade of a bank. Upon entering the premises, the second thing you notice is its welcoming interior, no teller cages, no cubicles with office employees and no kiosks. It has a welcoming feel about it and the way you are greeted emphasizes that feeling. When you speak to an employee, no facilitator is needed as English, as well as Spanish, is spoken.

There is something about being able to speak in one’s native tongue that makes you feel comfortable; there is no confusion or miscommunication due to translation mistakes. “We have an emphasis on English speaking staff as we are an international banking group and international training and seminars are delivered

 in English. Therefore, it is important that our colleagues have a proficient level of English. This gives us a definite advantage over other banks in attending to the needs of our clients who prefer to communicate in English,” explained Ms. Granitzer.


"It's like having coffee with a friend."

Worldwide, the ProCredit group comprises 12 banks operating in Southeastern and Eastern Europe and South America, as well as in Germany. Currently, the only Latin American country it serves is Ecuado.. ProCredit Bank started its operations in Ecuador in 2001 as Sociedad Financiera Ecuatorial and became a bank in 2003. Since that time, ProCredit Bank Ecuador has been providing financial services to companies and private individuals.

The reasons for choosing Ecuador are that it is a developing country and has a stable economy. ProCredit sees opportunities to deliver high-quality financial services to not only small and medium-sized enterprises but to private individuals as well.  ProCredit Bank focuses on serving clients who appreciate modern banking along with personal customer service. In 2017, ProCredit Bank Ecuador was the first bank in the market to introduce a different approach to serving its clients. They switched from a network of physical branches to digital channels through which clients obtain all their financial services in a more convenient and efficient manner.

ProCredit Bank Ecuador has highly qualified staff, whose main focus is on advisory and business services.

The clients can either speak to their personal banker directly, use the contact center at 1800-100-400, or email at, to resolve any questions or problems they may have or to set up a face-to-face meeting.  For its business clients, ProCredit Bank Ecuador’s advisors go directly to the business to get a better understanding of what the business does. And, by going to the business they are better able to assess and address their needs. 





By emphasizing “virtual” banking, ProCredit Bank Ecuador is lessening its carbon footprint by the reduction of paper waste. In addition, it has reduced car emissions by using electric cars, and it is in the process of installing charging stations for those who use electric vehicles. By providing secure and simple to navigate digital channels to clients, there is no need for them to come to the bank. Clients are able to attend to their needs via the mobile app or ebanking, as well as through the contact center or via direct communication or meetings with their responsible business client advisor. ProCredit Bank stays close to clients and provides help when needed, such as international transfers or any claims. Clients can easily access their money in almost any ATM in Ecuador, or around the world, with their ProCredit MasterCard Debit Card.

Carlos Barberan Cuenca Branch Manager would like the expat community to feel secure in its dealings with ProCredit Bank Ecuador. We understand that language can be a barrier when searching for a financial partner so our clients can count on advisors who speak English, that can guide them in not only setting up their banking services, but help them with any other requirements they may have.

Camila Toledo is here to help clients with opening an account. One of their clients, Tomas Warson, Ph.D, stated that he loves the multilevel nature of the bank. He has been a client for over two years. There are no hidden fees, agendas or mazes to navigate, “what you see is what you get.”

ProCredit Bank Ecuador is located at Av. Del Estadio y Florencia Astudillo in Cuenca

Its web site can be accessed at

Carlos Barberan extends an invitation to all expats to come and try a different kind of banking, with personal service and no hidden fees. In a nutshell you could describe ProCredit Bank Ecuador as “German strength, personal touch, and English spoken.” 

ProCredit Bank Ecuador where your wish for personal banking services that don’t include lines or navigational nightmares comes true.

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