Dr. Pablo Salamea Molina Marks 10 Years with 5,000+ Successful Procedures

Cuenca Expats Magazine Issue 44

By Ed Lindquist Managing Partner Cuenca Expats Magazine
Photos Courtesy of Hospital Del Rio

This special issue highlights the upcoming 15th-anniversary celebration of Hospital Del Rio, where Dr. Pablo serves as the President and also showcases his remarkable journey in plastic surgery has reached new heights with over 10 years of dedicated service and an impressive record of 5,000 successful procedures. 

As Dr. Pablo celebrates his milestone, Hospital Del Rio gears up for its 15th anniversary. With 253 doctors, including specialists and subspecialists, and over 70% English-speaking staff, the hospital is a beacon of medical excellence. According to General Manager José Alfredo Borrero Maldonado, Hospital Del Rio stands out for its commitment to safety, quality standards, and the unique blend of quality and warmth in patient care.

Hospital Del Rio, is a one-stop 24/7 destination for all your medical needs:

Personal testimonies, such as the writer’s own experience choosing Hospital Del Rio for medical treatment, attest to the superior patient care provided by the hospital.

Dr. Pablo, the cover star of our magazine multiple times, shares this issue’s cover with his talented wife, Dr. Saine Touma. Explore their inspiring stories and the evolution of Dr. Pablo’s career by visiting expatsmags.com to download online issues 7, 17 and 31.

At the helm of Hospital Del Rio, Dr. Pablo has not only excelled in plastic surgery but has also made a significant impact in the expat community through his role as the Medical Director of the charity “Helping Kids in Ecuador.” This charity, championed by Todd and Mary Freeman, along with expat volunteers and donors, has positively impacted over 1,000 children’s lives, with over 40% of life-changing procedures performed at Hospital Del Rio at discounted rates. (Read more about the inspiring work of “Helping Kids in Ecuador” in the sidebar).

In 2018, Dr. Pablo and Dr. Saine, specializing in aesthetic medicine, married and joined forces, working together in the same office suites to provide comprehensive patient care. Their collaborative philosophy combines surgical and non-surgical treatments, emphasizing patient well-being under one roof.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pablo Salamea Molina for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Dr. Saine Touma for Aesthetic Medicine, or any other specialist at Hospital Del Rio, please call the number provided below.

Joining Efforts for Children's Health:

The Transformative Alliance between Hospital del Río and the Helping Kids in Ecuador Foundation.

In a country where children’s health is a constant challenge, the collaboration between Del Río Hospital and the Helping Kids in Ecuador Foundation has emerged as a beacon of hope.

This alliance provides medical care and specialized services to children who would otherwise lack access.

Founded in 2014, Helping Kids in Ecuador, a California-based non-profit, offers medical and nutritional services to minority children in Ecuador facing limited access to health treatment.

Del Río Hospital, known for its medical excellence and community commitment, has embraced this alliance aimed at helping the most vulnerable children. Its team of highly trained professionals works tirelessly to provide quality medical care, contributing to the well-being of Ecuadorian society.

This unique synergy between Hospital Del Río and the Helping Kids in Ecuador Foundation is not just about healing; it’s about building a healthier future for generations. The shared commitment to social responsibility has yielded tangible results, marking a milestone in children’s medical care in Ecuador.

Since the collaboration’s inception, hundreds of children have received transformative care, evident in the smiles that illuminate their faces and their families.

This alliance exemplifies how solidarity and commitment can change lives, serving as an inspiring model for social change, bringing hope and health to those who need it most.

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