Reprinted and translated by permission of Vistazo magazine

Vistazo article - issue 45

Cuenca Expats Magazine, Issue 45

The allure of Ecuador for retirees is undeniable: its spring-like climate, quality of life, peaceful ambiance, colonial charm, and vibrant cultural scene have all enchanted foreigners seeking a tranquil retirement.

 Among these, Cuenca stands out as the preferred destination, with approximately 10,000 retired expats from the U.S., Canada, and other countries calling it home.

This influx injects around $360 million annually into the local economy, with the average pensioner receiving $3,000 monthly.

Edward Lindquist, a former advertising executive from Houston, Texas, and co-founder of Cuenca Expats Magazine, notes that Ecuador, particularly Cuenca, consistently ranks among the top retirement spots globally.

Many retirees, like Terry Trimble, a 68-year-old electrical engineer from Washington, are drawn to Cuenca’s clean, safe environment, accessible public services, and vibrant community life.

Moreover, the city’s appeal extends beyond its amenities; expats also contribute significantly to local charities such as Fundación FAAN and GRACE (Give Refugees a Chance).

Despite receiving relatively modest pensions by U.S. standards, expats find that their funds stretch much further in Cuenca, where a couple can comfortably live on $2,000 a month.

This contrasts starkly with the steep costs of living in American cities like Houston, New York, or San Francisco. Expats in Cuenca typically do not strain local resources, as they predominantly use private healthcare and do not add to the student population. Consequently, they have a minimal negative impact on the city’s finances.

Overall, Cuenca offers retirees an attractive combination of affordability, comfort, and community, making it a dream retirement destination for many foreigners