Cuenca Expats Magazine, Issue 45

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SOCIAL VISION is delighted to announce a partnership with CIMA SINAI—Centro Integral de Marcapasos y Arritmias (Pacemakers and Arrhythmias.) CIMA is a specialized comprehensive pacemaker and arrhythmia center in Ecuador. CIMA is the only facility of its kind in the country and was inaugurated in Cuenca. CIMA offers ethical professionals passionate about serving their community.  Social Vision’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people of Cuenca by providing necessary medical treatment to disadvantaged citizens who need it most. CIMA wanted to offer their services to underprivileged residents, and partner with a foundation that had a reputation for getting things done. Ed Lindquist at Cuenca Expats Magazine thought that a partnership with Social Vision would be the best way to achieve these dual goals.    

Within one week of the new partnership, Social Vision took a patient to CIMA for an EKG. Social Vision’s patient was scheduled for cataract surgery at Exilaser and had a history of high blood pressure. It was prudent to make sure that she was healthy enough for surgery. As it turns out, she had such high blood pressure that she was at high risk. Dr. Diego Serrano prescribed her a much stronger medication than she had previously been taking.

Within two weeks, her numbers were improved and she was cleared for surgery. As she has a very low income, Dr. Serrano said that he would put in a special request from the pharmaceutical company to obtain samples to keep her in her best heart health. This is the type of caring partnership that best serves the people of Cuenca.   

Social Vision specializes in helping those who have fallen through the cracks. More than one hundred patients have been served, from children to senior citizens, since Social Vision was founded two years ago. 

The medical director, Dr. Ivan Vallejo is a passionate and caring doctor of orthopedics and traumatology at Monte Sinai. And, they have a distinct board of directors from both Ecuador and the United States to bring a range of perspectives, expertise, and experiences to better serve the community.

Social Vision has partnered with some of the best healthcare facilities throughout Cuenca. These facilities include Monte Sinai, Exilaser, CIMA, Clinica Latino, PhysioGym, Aqua (Comprehensive Center for Health and Aesthetics) and Hospital Del Rio.

Services include orthopedic and traumatology, vision services, cardiac care, gastroenterology, physical therapy, dermatology, pediatric and adult neurology, geriatrics, pharmacy, dental, neurosurgery and pain management.   

Continuously monitoring the needs of medical services within the community, Social Vision is able to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. They are continually adding medical and social service specialists to their care team to reassess priorities and adjust strategies accordingly.  Social Vision is a registered nonprofit in both Ecuador and the United States. For additional information, you can find Social Vision on the internet.

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