Historic Elegance at Parque Calderon

Issue 43, Cuenca Expats Magazine

Courtesy of Mansion Matilde

If you’re like me, you walked by that beautifully restored yellow corner building (Yellow House) at Parque Calderon hundreds of times.  It’s the one with Dunkin’ Donuts and the many restaurants on the ground floor.  What I didn’t know was there is a luxury restaurant, tea room and bar on the second floor—Mansion Matilde After a 5-year restoration, Mansion Matilde offers the most exclusive place in the city, with excellent cuisine and service—affordable luxury for everyone to enjoy.

Mansion Matilde

The Ordóñez Mata House was built by its owner, Mrs. Hortensia Mata, around the year 1880. It was inhabited by her heirs until the late 1990s when it was acquired by Mrs. Gladys Eljuri and her husband Mr. Anthony Alvarez. She decided to create a gastronomic center, which currently has eight businesses on the ground floor, reserving the upper floor for the operation of Mansion Matilde, a place that is managed directly by her and named after Mrs. Gladys’ mother.

The restaurant is called El Preferido de Matilde. It is an intimate and cozy space where you can enjoy classic cuisine that will delight your palate with tasty international flavors created using the best local ingredients. The restaurant is overseen by Chef Diego Gutiérrez who was trained locally and has advanced his studies at the Culinary Institute Basque Culinary Center in Spain.

Mansion Matilde

The restaurant uses four table settings that rotate at different times of the year. In the Turquoise Tea Room, you can enjoy a unique experience in the city. 

In the company of friends and family, you’ll have the best English tea service, accompanied by elaborate salty and sweet sandwiches, and served in fine crockery.

The charming Salon will transport you to the 19th century. I found there my favorite English tea brand, Twinings, which has over twenty different varieties of tea.

Mansion Matilde

The Bar 1880 Cocktail Classique, without a doubt, is the best bar in the city. It welcomes the visitor in a majestic, carefully decorated room. You’ll enjoy a great atmosphere with the best classic drinks, served by an experienced bartender. Ideal to enjoy with your partner, friends, or for business meetings.

There is so much more to say about Mansion Matilde, but the best way is to see it for yourself.  Just drop by the Tea Room or 1880 Bar or make a restaurant reservation.  You’ll be glad you did.


If you haven’t visited yet, you should. Mansion Matilde is a restored historic treasure at Parque Calderon.

-El Preferido de Matilde (fine dining at affordable prices) is an intimate and cozy space where you can enjoy classic, international cuisine that will delight your palate. El Preferido de Matilde uses the best local ingredients to achieve great dishes. 

-Turquoise Tea Room. Great place to relax in the afternoon with friends. They serve tea, sandwiches, and sweets.

-Bar 1880.  Without a doubt the best bar in the city.  Perfect for any occasion.   

Plus, meeting facilities for any activity.

Visit today!


Address: Simón Bolívar and Luis Cordero, corner od Calderón Park, second floor od the Casa del Parque (Yellow House)

Phone: 099 503 0935 07 283 7075

Email: info@mansionmatilde.com.ec


Monday: Closed       Tusday to Saturday: From 1:00 pm to 11:00 p.m

Sunday: from 1:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m

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