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Noe Carmona

Founding Partner and Executive Chef - NOE Sushi Bar

Can delicious sushi be found in Cuenca? Yes! The sushi gods have blessed Cuenca by adding more options over the years, but the pioneer and still most popular in Cuenca in the epicurean crown Noé Sushi Bar... [ read more ]

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Dr. Diego Serrano

Electrophysiology Cardiologist

Over the past several years, Ecuador's is getting some of the best medical services and care in the world. We have been introducing you to many of the doctors Cuenca’s medical community has to offer, and this month is no different. Meet Doctor Diego Serrano.... [ read more ]

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World Class Healthcare in Cuenca

Ecuador’s Medical Community

Ecuador is the recipient of increased visibility due to the influx of visitors and immigrants to this small South American country of just under 17 million people. Immigrants from all over the globe are seeking the slower pace and reduced cost of living as a refuge from the ever-increasing cost of living in North America, Europe, and Asia... [ read more ]

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All aboard!

Heritage, Culture, and Charms of Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca

Cuenca’s people, culture, traditions, and services coalesce making Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca the most sought-after city in Ecuador for visiting tourists and for foreign retirees choosing Ecuador as their new home... [ read more ]

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Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Palacios

Message from the Mayor

Whether you call Cuenca your home or plan to visit Cuenca, you will find we have created many cultural exchange programs for you. It is my pleasure to invite you to come and enjoy the many cultural sites and events, satisfy your culinary experience at our many restaurants offering local and international cuisines, and enjoy the charm of our local markets. Here you will find products, including the freshest fruits and vegetables, all grown locally for you and your family.... [ read more ]

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Dr. Marcelo Cisneros and Dr. Eliana Oleas of CORPORE CLÍNICA

Reshaping Your Future

Corpore Clínica is a state-of-the-art, technically advanced clinic operating to the highest Western medical standards. Dr. Marcelo Cisneros, Director of Corpore Clínica, is as passionate about his art as anyone I have ever met. The reason for demanding such a high standard is to guarantee the patient the safest, scientifically efficient, and the best special care... [ read more ]

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Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana

Mobile Dentistry in Cuenca

Dr. Orellana went on to outline the basic procedures that can be performed during a home visit which include cleanings, diagnostics, teeth whitening, all prosthetic rehabilitation none of which need a sterile environment. He explained, “For a prosthetic rehabilitation, I bring all the sterilized materials, take the impression of the mouth, match tooth color... [ read more ]

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