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Heritage, Culture, and Charms of Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca

Cuenca’s people, culture, traditions, and services coalesce making Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca the most sought-after city in Ecuador for visiting tourists and for foreign retirees choosing Ecuador as their new home... [ read more ]

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Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Palacios

Message from the Mayor

Whether you call Cuenca your home or plan to visit Cuenca, you will find we have created many cultural exchange programs for you. It is my pleasure to invite you to come and enjoy the many cultural sites and events, satisfy your culinary experience at our many restaurants offering local and international cuisines, and enjoy the charm of our local markets. Here you will find products, including the freshest fruits and vegetables, all grown locally for you and your family.... [ read more ]

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Dr. Marcelo Cisneros and Dr. Eliana Oleas of CORPORE CLÍNICA

Reshaping Your Future

Corpore Clínica is a state-of-the-art, technically advanced clinic operating to the highest Western medical standards. Dr. Marcelo Cisneros, Director of Corpore Clínica, is as passionate about his art as anyone I have ever met. The reason for demanding such a high standard is to guarantee the patient the safest, scientifically efficient, and the best special care... [ read more ]

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Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana

Mobile Dentistry in Cuenca

Dr. Orellana went on to outline the basic procedures that can be performed during a home visit which include cleanings, diagnostics, teeth whitening, all prosthetic rehabilitation none of which need a sterile environment. He explained, “For a prosthetic rehabilitation, I bring all the sterilized materials, take the impression of the mouth, match tooth color... [ read more ]

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Dr. Cristian Abad

The Miracle of Digital Dentistry

Dr. Abad is the only Ph.D. prosthodontic dentist in Cuenca (a doctorate earned at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), with a fascinatingly diverse professional background plus an outstanding personal reputation. This compelling combination has inspired many Cuencanos and foreigners to place their trust in the abilities of him and his team... [ read more ]

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Dr. Juan Esteban Arízaga

Of Arízaga’s Hair Graft Institute

Dr. Arízaga performs micro-graft hair transplant surgery and sees this surgery as an art, because the surgeon must design a capillary landscape that adapts naturally and aesthetically to the patient's features. This procedure is also aimed at increasing the density or amount of hair without the implant being recognized. Dr, Arízaga’s artistry goes far beyond that... [ read more ]

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Dr. Medina of Uroclinic

First Class Urology Care in Cuenca

Urology is a specialty in western medicine focusing on the male and female urinary system and male reproductive system... Uroclinic specializes in urology, nothing else... The owner Dr. Medina has been in practice since 1980, has performed over 10,000 surgeries, and has operated on over 100 expats. He is a member of the American Urological Association of the United States (AUA), member of International Society of Urology (SIU), and has been awarded many certificates for state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and advancements in treatments and patient care... [ read more ]

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Dr. Santiago González of Dental Clinic Implaesthetic

Implanting Smiles

There was a time when, destination United States, was the go-to place for medical and dental needs, but with skyrocketing costs and insurance limitations, people are now seeking alternatives to the United States. Ecuador has become that destination, and Cuenca the go-to place, and with the talents of professionals such as Dr. Santiago Gonzales it’s no wonder at all.... [ read more ]

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