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Dr. Luis Andrés Serrano of Audio Centro

Better Hearing for All

Audio Centro provides diagnosis and treatment for all types of auditory disorders, guaranteeing the satisfaction of their clients through quality care in a very pleasant environment, backed by a professional team, and with the best technology available in the marketplace. Audio Centro is the exclusive distributor in Ecuador for some of the top auditory technology companies in the world... [ read more ]

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Dr. Rómulo Guerrero

Facial Architect

Generally when one hears the words "plastic surgery" the imagery which springs to mind is that of Hollywood stars seeking the kind of perfection usually only seen in glamour magazines. However, it transpires thios area of expertise, frequently being applied in far more severe and life-critical matters than simply the aesthetics of "beauty"... [ read more ]

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The New Golden Prague Brewery and Pub

Czech Out The Brewery From The Land Of Beer - “La Cerveza del País de la Cerveza”

Czechoslovakia is famous here in Cuenca, for being the origin of the beautiful blue tiles which adorn the three domes above the large Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, or “New Cathedral”, across Parque Calderon. Another product from the now Czech Republic will soon come to Cuenca: a state-of-the-art brewery making the finest Pilsner lager beers to come out of Europa...  [ read more ]

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La Clínica de Fracturas

U.S. Quality Care at Ecuadorian Prices

La Clinica de Fracturas, the brainchild of Doctor Gustavo Ochoa, is a fully equipped, fully licensed and accredited private hospital, dedicated to the treatment of bone injuries and related trauma. The facility even has an emergency room, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week...  [ read more ]

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