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Ecuador's Largest English-Language Publication

Cuenca Expats Magazine is the largest English-language publication in Ecuador.  As the "unofficial" voice of Cuenca's expat community, the Magazine is a trusted source for business and services. Cuenca Expats Magazine's mission is to help build a stronger, more cohesive expat community and assist in their integration into Cuenca society as new and productive citizens.

Maite Duran, Gringo Visas

Why Go Anywhere Else?

Maite Duran, founder of Gringo Visas is the ultimate authority on the procurement of visas and cédulas in Cuenca, Ecuador... [ read more ]

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Dr. Melissa Gónzalez

English-Speaking Cardiovascular Surgeon

Immediately upon arriving in Cuenca, Dra. González began to work in a public hospital where she continued working in the vascular field using the most advanced technology available. In December 2017, Dra. González earned a position at Hospital Universitario del Río considered by many to be the best private hospital in Azuay. At both of these hospitals she gained experience working with Cuenca’s expat community.... [ read more ]

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Mike Rothman Founder of Mike's Meats

New York Style Delicatessen and Meat Market Now in the Heart of Cuenca

We're located on the front corner of Parque de la Madre on Avenida 12 de abril and Federico Malo next to the Military Hospital. We've been told that Mike’s Meats Artisanal Marketplace is deli heaven! We offer all the prime cuts, such as Rib-eye, Porterhouse, New York steaks, tenderloins, and many of... [ read more ]

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Vintimilla Constructora /

Builder of Dreams

Constructora was started in 1965 by Ing. Marcelo Vintimilla Borrero father of the present owner, Arq. Pablo Vintimilla. Facing the challenges of modifying traditional architectural designs and innovating building practices while bridging the old technologies with new technologies, materials, and building methods has not been an easy task... [ read more ]

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Noe Carmona

Founding Partner and Executive Chef - NOE Sushi Bar

Can delicious sushi be found in Cuenca? Yes! The sushi gods have blessed Cuenca by adding more options over the years, but the pioneer and still most popular in Cuenca in the epicurean crown Noé Sushi Bar... [ read more ]

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Dr. Diego Serrano

Electrophysiology Cardiologist

Over the past several years, Ecuador's is getting some of the best medical services and care in the world. We have been introducing you to many of the doctors Cuenca’s medical community has to offer, and this month is no different. Meet Doctor Diego Serrano.... [ read more ]

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World Class Healthcare in Cuenca

Ecuador’s Medical Community

Ecuador is the recipient of increased visibility due to the influx of visitors and immigrants to this small South American country of just under 17 million people. Immigrants from all over the globe are seeking the slower pace and reduced cost of living as a refuge from the ever-increasing cost of living in North America, Europe, and Asia... [ read more ]

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All aboard!

Heritage, Culture, and Charms of Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca

Cuenca’s people, culture, traditions, and services coalesce making Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca the most sought-after city in Ecuador for visiting tourists and for foreign retirees choosing Ecuador as their new home... [ read more ]

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