Winners of the Creative Arts Competition

Winners of the Creative Arts Competition

Cuenca Expats Magazine and the Mayor’s office would like to thank all those that participated in the
“Expats in Quarantine Creative Arts Competition”.

The voting committee was very impressed with the many entries they received. In fact, an additional category was added in the area of Art. Thank you to all those that participated! The Mayor’s office has asked to see all submissions, which may be displayed to the larger Cuenca community.

The following winners in each category are:

PHOTO- Jeff Schinsky


Winners of the Creative Competition
Winners of the Creative Competition

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VIDEO- Robin Moulyn

POEM / SONG - Edie Buckner

Winners of the Creative Arts Competition

photo by: Marty Castleberg

To the tune of Good Golly Miss Molly...


In the early early mornin’
When it’s just barely light
You can see my baby flyin’
On his blue rocket bike

There goes the Blue Rocket
It sure likes to fly
Brian’s all up in the pedals
And he barely has to try

If the rain isn’t fallin’
And the wind has died down
You might see that Blue Rocket
Any where in this town

All the folks along Soldados
They line up with their cows
Just to see the Rocket passin’
To a chorus of “Wows”

If you’re ever out this way
When the sun starts to rise
You can see for yourself
How that Blue Rocket flies



Winners of the Creative Arts Competition

ART - Jan Dynes

STORY- Deana Culp

For two months, the cast and crew of Azuay Community Theater had been working on their production of "Dearly Departed", which was to open March 20. Tickets were sold, and the cast of 13 was excited about sharing this performance with the supportive audiences of ACT. Then, every public event was cancelled, and the production was put on hold. The photo is the final scene of the play, a funeral, and the set was left as is when the group finished their last rehearsal and went home. Hopefully it will not be a "Dearly Departed" for the theater and this production.

The stage waits in silence.

Winners of the Creative Arts Competition

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