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Hello everyone and happy May to you! 

It seems like the year just got started, but now it feels like we’re in a sprint for all the mid-year events and tourists galore coming soon to visit our fair city of Cuenca. We at CEM are thrilled to bring our big news that the Governor’s Award was presented on Tuesday, May 15, at 6pm in the Old Cathedral. For those of you unfamiliar with the Old Cathedral, it is the beautiful white cathedral, with parts dating back to 1567, located across the Parque Calderon from the New Cathedral with the domes. 

The gathering was an historical event, with a total of 229 expats from 13 different countries being nominated based on their charitable work for the people of the Azuay province. We estimate that between 8,000 and 10,000 people were touched by the efforts of those nominated. Quite amazing the impact made by these caring individuals. We are listing all the nominees on page 12 and 13 of this issue. 

It has been an honor working with the governor’s office putting this awards program together. The goal for this event is to bring public recognition to those who deserve it plus encourage others to give back to their wonderful adopted community. I encourage you to continue supporting all these fine charities, lifting up our fellow expat Cuencanos. 

Blessings all!

Brian Gary



Cuenca Expats Magazine ISSUE 25

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