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Hello All! 

Those of us who’ve been here in Cuenca for a very long time are well aware this is a city, and really a country in almost continual celebration.  In October we had the celebration for the Independence of Guayaquil.  Now in November, we celebrate the Fiestas de Cuenca which celebrates Cuenca’s Independence.  There will be street vendors, exhibitions, music, and parades throughout the city.  Many of us use this opportunity to stock up on gifts for the Christmas holidays.  There is something for almost everyone!  Be sure and get out and enjoy the fun! 

Most understand how fortunate we are, and many expats here give greatly to the community in both money and time. We at Cuenca Expat Magazine hope you’ll join us as we are a proud supporter of a new charity “YOUR SMILE MAKES ME SMILE” foundation offering free dental treatments, as well as long-term preventive care to under-privilege children. You can read about the foundation, started by Priscila Mendez and Dr. Grace Ordonez, and how you can help on page 23 of this Issue. 

In support of animal rescue efforts, please see page 10 and read about “Arenita“, our latest rescue dog ready for adoption.  This useful feature is sponsored by Clinica Veterinaria Mora, so please stop by for all your vet needs and thank them for their support of this monthly Magazine feature and of Rescate Animal Cuenca. 

Well, I’m heading out to take a bike ride and take in the beauty along the many rivers we have here.  Take time to appreciate all that Cuenca has to offer.  I hope to see you out and about this fine city.
Brian Gary


Cuenca Expats Magazine ISSUE 21

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