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Hello, Everyone! 

It is now August, and though I do not need reminding (how can I miss it), it is wintering here rather than summering! Many of you newer to Cuenca may not have experienced the “opposite” climate when compared with anywhere in the Northern hemisphere. While we’re usually walking around in shorts and t-shirts up north, here in Cuenca we must always have at least a light jacket to keep warm, outside of the rare and enjoyable times when the sun breaks out and brings us a brief reminder of how beautiful and warm it can be here. Bundle up! 

Ok, for all you beer lovers, be sure to check our YAPA inserted into this issue for a “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon for a pint of beer from the new Golden Prague Pub here in Cuenca! You may have seen the Golden Prague Pub as it is right across the street from the SuperMaxi El Vergel. Free Beer! This is our way of saying thanks for being such loyal readers of Cuenca Expats Magazine!  

Have you noticed a new logo on our Table of Contents page? It’s from an organization called Mucho Mejor and can be seen on a broad range of products throughout Ecuador. Cuenca Expats Magazine is honored to join this group consisting of the largest businesses in Ecuador. You can learn more about Mucho Mejor in the next issue of CEM, and the benefits to expats for purchasing goods and services that feature its logo.

The US Embassy is asking us to tell you about a new newsletter for American Citizen Services (ACS). This newsletter is full of useful info for all expats, and to subscribe, just enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at to receive the newsletters in the future. 

Going to say adios for now, but this is a good time to curl up with your Cuenca Expats Magazine and be engaged with content that informs, enlightens and entertains! 

Blessings all!

Brian Gary / 

Cuenca Expats Magazine ISSUE 20

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