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Hola fellow expats and Ecuadorians alike!

I am pleased to say that the sun is out and although we have a bit of a chill (after all it is winter here) it’s a beautiful day, and we are blessed to be here in Cuenca Ecuador. Ecuador has so much to offer, and just last night I got home from a trip a trip to the coast with the Gringo Network that took us whale watching in Puerto Lopez, and we also had a pleasant stay in Montañita. Great fun was had by everyone, and we’re looking forward to repeating it in July as well as going on a trip to the Jungle. If you’re interested in either whale watching or a trip to the jungle be sure and let me know. 

You may have noticed a special insert in this month’s issue of CEM. We have a little gift for you, our loyal readers, a copy of the 2017 REDBOOK, Cuenca’s Directory of English-speaking businesses and services. The REDBOOK is designed to help you find resources to meet your every need and it is small enough to carry with you or leave on your desk. And it gets better! Soon The REDBOOK will be available both online and as an app for your smartphone with great search functions, maps and much more. We’ll let you know when it’s ready, but until then Gringo Visas will have extra copies of the print version should you need one. For more information on Gringo Visas see page 21 for their phone numbers and address.

I was talking to Ed  (our fearless leader here at CEM), and the subject was a major concern that we in Cuenca have. This is also one that many of our readers are well aware of. The situation of uncared-for dogs and cats is a real problem here around town. Many of you already volunteer your time or donate money to help with this. And now, CEM with the aid of Clinica Veterinaria MORA, will be supporting Rescate Animal Cuenca with a new magazine feature called Adopted Pet of the Month (check out page 8 for details.) We desire to bring visibility to this situation and these animals in need, so either you or someone you know will be able to provide a safe home for these sweet animals. 

I’ll sign off for the moment, hoping that you are enjoying all that this beautiful city and country have to offer. We all are truly blessed to live here. Enjoy and engage yourself in this delightful South American culture.     

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Cuenca Expats Magazine ISSUE 19

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