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I Was Blind, But Now Can See.”


Where would we be without our vision? It’s probably a question most of us would prefer not to think about. Our vision, our ability to see and perceive our world, is probably the foremost of our senses. Without it, we are quite literally, “in the dark.”

The title of this article is (deliberately) biblical, and refers to the kind of miracles those of us in the modern era usually discount completely, or chalk up to the variety of charlatans we’d prefer not to cross our path.

Imagine however, technology colliding fortuitously, with sublime professional skill. You’ve probably heard the adage that, “any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic?” Well, this has indeed proven to be the case over the years, for many Ecuadorians (and visitors alike!) who’ve had serious vision problems which required specialist treatment.

Father and sons Ivan Matamoros (Medical student), Dr Nelson Matamoros, Dr Roberto MatamorosMedical treatment generally, but certainly ophthalmological treatment has come a very long way in the last 20 or 30 years. I have no doubt it will provide comfort to many expats, to know Ecuador has some absolutely world-class optical care available for those who need it!

Enter, the remarkable Dr. Nelson Matamoros. Trained by the best (Professor Hanan Zauberman), in Israel, back in the mid-to-late 80’s, Dr. Matamoros found his life’s calling, and has now been providing treatment for an incredibly wide range of ophthalmological problems … for more than a quarter of a century. Any interested parties should certainly review the excellent information (and introduction video) at the good doctor’s English webpage at: http://www.eyedoctorecuador.com/. Reviewing the main informational video, as well as the patient testimonies at his Youtube channel, via the main website at www.iom.com.ec is definitely time well spent.

His two clinics (in Guayaquil & Samborondón) have become world famous. For some, his successful curing of some very challenging patients has almost defied belief. Nevertheless, the historical evidence and testimonies speak for themselves. To his credit, Dr. Matamoros has become renowned for taking on even the most difficult cases … often he has been the last resort for some patients who have typically been turned away by other specialists.

equipohumano iom

His flagship clinic, the IOM (Instituto Oftalmológico Matamoros), is the most modern ophthalmological center in Guayaquil. It comprises a close-knit team of professional ophthalmologists … all highly trained in Israel, the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. In addition to handling the most difficult of cases, the IOM handles all varieties of what these days are considered relatively “routine” eye surgeries or procedures. The array of services they offer is vast, certainly too lengthy to list here (http://www.eyedoctorecuador.com/services.html). Based on what I have discovered, it’s safe to say that for any matter ophthalmological … the IOM should probably be one’s first port of call.

Highly technically and medically proficient, Dr. Matamoros is virtually revered by many of those he has brought back to a state of optimal vision. Common refrains from many patients, are that he has the human touch. He listens, he understands, and then provides the best treatment possible. Warm, genuinely caring, and totally focused on being the best he and his team can be, Dr. Matamoros brings his lifetime of experience to bear … for the benefit of all who visit him.

Two cases probably worthy of noting here for their “near miraculous” quality are those of Rosana, from California, and Artidro Palomeque from El Tambo in Azogues. Rosana was functionally blind, operating with only 5% vision. After Dr. Matamoros worked his magic, she now has about 85% vision. Needless to say, her life changed completely. Rosana’s video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0MmdO1nPqs

The case of Artidro Palomeque is even more startling. Artidro was blind for 20 years, and following treatment at the IOM, his vision was restored. It is difficult to fathom quite what Artidro must have felt as the darkness lifted, and he began to see his family again for the first time in 20 years. Miraculous … is about the only word which seems to fit cases such as these. Certainly, I have no doubt that’s how these patients feel about it.

Dr MatamorosDr. Matamoros estimates he has undertaken more than 20,000 surgeries during his esteemed career. This kind of experience, when combined with the state-of-the-art technological equipment always on hand at the IOM clinic … definitely inspires confidence. Additionally, Dr. Matamoros is always ensuring he and his staff are up to date on the latest advances in ophthalmological procedures … by attending conferences and training seminars as necessary worldwide. His stated goal is to always be the best of the best, in his chosen field.

For those expats with only a little Spanish, the IOM clinic is welcoming. Dr. Matamoros himself speaks fairly good English, and has numerous English-speaking assistants who can further assist if need be.

Anyone who wishes to potentially utilize Dr. Matamoros and the IOM should make any necessary arrangements/appointments via the contact page of the website: http://www.eyedoctorecuador.com/.

Instituto Oftalmológico Matamoros

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Ophthalmological Institute Matamoros - IOM
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