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NOE Sushi Bar. Expat Favorite

By Teresa Drake
Photographs Courtesy of NOE


Can delicious sushi be found in Cuenca? Yes! The sushi gods have blessed Cuenca by adding more options over the years, but the pioneer and still most popular in Cuenca is the epicurean crown Noé Sushi Bar.
Noé Sushi Bar, established 2003 in Cumbayá, Ecuador, is the birth, dream, challenge, and responsibility of Noé Carmona, José Miguel Fiorentino, and María del Carmen Borja.  As partners, their idea was to present an innovative vision of Japanese food in Ecuador. These three individuals wanted to create a revolution in Ecuador’s gastronomy by creating an environment in which the fusion of Japanese and Ecuadorian palates could coalesce into creative dinners resulting in an enjoyable and unforgettable moment with the fusion experience. Accomplishing this fusion was a dream come true, and its success is proven by the 15 years it has enjoyed in the national culinary market.

Noé Sushi Bar, Kobe Sushi Express, and Nubori Sushi Experience are subsidiaries of SHUSHICORP founded in 2004. SUSHICORP falls under the umbrella of Yum (formally Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.) along with KFC. SUSHICORP had an alliance with KFC, but the founding partners are still the original operators.

Jointly, all three partners take responsibility for the care, quality, and service so the company will continue to grow and succeed over time. “We have a highly trained staff that is empowered to understand Noé Sushi’s philosophy and the goal we want to achieve as a company. It is understood that if we do not create relationships with our diners, we will not be able to create an environment providing personalized service to each and every one of them.”

One could say the pride of Noé Sushi Bar is the quality of its products. The ingredients are meticulously selected from the suppliers, the in-depth knowledge in preparation (from the kitchen to the final plate delivered to the table), and the service that goes into its preparation. “If a dish is successful, it is not only because of its content, but because of the presentation offered when served to the guest. It is this perseverance, faith, and teamwork towards the mission set forth by the company which has made Noé Sushi Bar a huge success.

Sushi is made from fish, other seafood products and a variety of vegetables. These ingredients can be served fresh, marinated, smoked, or cooked. Noé Sushi Bar specializes in Japanese food fused with Ecuadorian ingredients creating its own gastronomic brand. It offers a variety of tempura rolls, rolls, and traditional gratin. There is sashimi, tataki, soups, salads, and ramen which are accompanied by delectable accoutrements such as eel sauce (sweet flavor), soy, wasabi, and ginger. “If we have someone come in who would like to have a new sensation in epicurean delights, we suggest that they start by tasting the temples or gratins.” At Noé Sushi Bar, one can experience exotic, sweet, and distinctive flavors. Noé Sushi Bar is one of the main restaurant chains having a varied menu offering dishes to satisfy all tastes. It also offers dishes for those with a more adventurous palate.

Noé Sushi Bar also features an extensive variety of soft drinks, hot and cold drinks, and an innovative and varied mixology designed to complement the taste of each food selection. Every dish presented at Noé Sushi Bar comes with an entourage of personnel who have invested their love into its creation and presentation, ensuring the diner receives a culinary experience as close to perfection as is possible.

One of the main pillars of the company is every staff member is an essential part of the company and embodies its philosophy: every Noé employee is responsible for the satisfaction of every customer and ensuring the dining experience far exceeds expectations. By providing a cozy atmosphere, personalized attention, and an array of excellent cuisine, it is our intention to earn the loyalty of each and every diner.”

Behind the wonderful epicurean delights found at Noé Sushi Bar is the expertise of a highly trained Ecuadorian chef. More than 22 years ago, Noé Carmona, Lojano by birth, merged the Ecuadorian gastronomic concept in its 20 venues which corresponded to its three styles of restaurants: Noé Sushi Bar, Kobe, and the next Nubori Premiere. He has previously worked in restaurants featuring other types of cuisines and has experience in baking hot and cold pastry. The reason Japanese cuisine really caught Noé’s attention was its simplicity. Not only is it an exquisite, healthy, and nutritious cuisine, it is served in small bites, and maximum use is made of the nature of its ingredients. This personally appealed to him because its preparation is thinking of the health of the person who consumes it.

Noé Carmona gained his experience from his 12-year venture into national, French, and Italian cuisines. Upon leaving the hospitality industry, he discovered he had a fascination for gastronomy and customer service. In furthering his career, Noé specialized in Japanese cuisine and learned from Master Chef Ken Namba in the restaurant Tanoshi, who trained him not only in the philosophy of authentic preparation of Japanese cuisine but in the techniques necessary to achieve these epicurean delights. It took six years to perfect the techniques. His next six years were spent mastering the techniques of fusion cuisine as an executive chef in Sake Restaurant. In order to hone his skills in gastronomy, nutrition, and customer service, Noé received training both in Ecuador and abroad. He has consolidated all this experience as a founding partner and Executive Chef of Noé Sushi Bar celebrating 10 years of success.

In addition to the years of training and experience, Noé Carmona also counts the experience he received in trips around the world attending fairs and specialized courses in gastronomy.

When asked what he believes is the most popular dish, he responded that all dishes have their own particularity, but he believes that the sumashi soup and rolls, in general, are the most popular. As for Noé Carmona’s favorite dish, that would be toni doki, with a serving of rice and green tea.

If you are ready for a wonderful epicurean experience that will have your taste buds dancing with joy, you need to go to Noé Sushi Bar.

Cuenca Expats Magazine Issue 33 Noe Carmona, Noe Sushi Bar Cuenca Ecuador

Padre Julio Matovelle 2-25 y Federico Proaño, esquina. Junto al Parque de las Candelas. Cuenca, Ecuador.

Operation hours:
Monday through Wednesday :12pm to 4pm / 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Thursday: 12pm to 4pm / 6:30pm to 11pm
Friday: 12pm to 4pm  / 6:30pm to 12pm
Saturday: 12pm to 11pm -  Sunday: 12pm to 7 p.m.

Phone: 281 2757

Facebook: Noe Sushi Bar

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