A New Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Procedures

AQUA CENTRO is the brain-child of Dr. Pablo Salamea. Many in the expat community already know Dr. Pablo for his humanitarian work as Medical Director of the gringo supported charity Helping Kids in Ecuador. Dr. Pablo is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons with a growing international reputation.

With over 3000 successful procedures performed, Dr. Pablo has encountered many patients who were either unclear about what aesthetic produces were available or they were not knowledgeable about the best alternatives for their particular situation. Instead of a patient needing to interview different specialists at various locations, Dr. Pablo had a better solution: Why not organize a Center offering a full range of aesthetic specialists in one place for a holistic approach to both diagnostics and procedures. Not only would each patient save time and money, but the Center would also be able to provide a coordinated effort to meet all the aesthetic needs of various patients.

Dr. Pablo began the search to staff his new Center. He would provide the surgery but wanted to supplement his skill-set with specialists in aesthetics, dermatology, and nutrition. Dr. Pablo not only wanted to recruit the “best and brightest” of young professionals trained in the latest techniques but also searched for those possessing the same concerns for patient care, safety, and educating patients for successful post-op maintenance. Given the fact that a patient can receive the same cosmetic produces and care in Ecuador for about one-third the price of the same in the States, Dr. Pablo senses a  growth of English-speaking patients from the expat community here in Ecuador as well as North America. Anticipating this demographic, Dr. Pablo also required that each specialist be bilingual.

To ensure the utmost in patient care and safety, the AQUA CENTRO is located within Hospital Del Rio and all procedures are performed at the same hospital, which provides a modern, safe, and high-tech surgical environment.


Dr. Pablo Salamea M.

Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon

  • Academic Training - Awards - Positions Held:
  • - Member of the Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery
  • - Secretary − Ecuadorian Society of Plastic, Cosmetic and
  • - Reconstructive Surgery Chapter Austro
  • - Resurge US Foundation Volunteer Surgeon
  • - Director Rostros Felices Cuenca Foundation
  • - Director Helping Kids in Ecuador (HKIE) Foundation
  • - Associate Professor − Faculty of Medicine University of Azuay
  • - Head of Surgery at Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital
  • - Head of Plastic Surgery Service  Hospital Del Río

  • Services:
  • - Eyelid surgery
  • - Rhinoplasty
  • - Otoplasty
  • - Chin Surgery
  • - Facial Rejuvenation Surgery
  • - Breast Lifting, Increase & Reduction
  • - Liposculpture & Abdominoplasty
  • - Buttocks & Calf Augmentation
  • - Body Contouring Surgery
  • - Reconstructive surgery (microsurgery and facial paralysis)
  • - Minimally Invasive Procedures (Botox & Facial Fat Transfer)

Lcda. Verónica Andrade T.


Head of Nutritional Services at Hospital del Rio

  • Academic Training:
  • - University of Cuenca Accreditation - Nutritional Science & Dietetics
  • - University of Europe Miguel de Cervantes - Masters of Clinical Nutrition
  • - University of Favarola Argentina - Post Graduate in Obesity

  • Services:
  • - Integrated nutritional treatment
  • - Pre- and postoperative nutritional assessment
  • - Preparation of monthly food plans
  • - Monitoring and Controls
  • - Integrated treatment for weight reduction

Dra. Doménica Toledo G.


  • Academic Training
  • - Catholic University of Cuenca - General Medicine
  • - University of the Balerean Islands, Spain - Masters of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Services
  • Treatment for: 
  • - Wrinkles
  • - Scars
  • - Baldness
  • - Under-Eye Bags
  • - Cellulitis
  • - Anti-Aging 
  • - Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
  • - Micropigmentation (Eye Shadow and Brow, Lip Fill)
  • - Facial fillers
  • - Hair treatments
  • - Permanent hair removal

Dra. Yadira Tapia P


  • Academic Training: 
  • - University of Cuenca - General Medicine
  • - University of Guayaquil - Dermatology

  • Services
  • Treatments for:
  • - Diseases of the skin hair and nails
  • - Acne and Aftermath
  • - Keloid Management
  • - Skin Rejuvenation
  • - Peeling
  • - Melasma (Facial stains)
  • - Moles
  • - Detection and prevention of skin cancer
  • - Alopecia (Hair loss)
  • - Allergies
  • - Vitiligo treatments
  • - IPL
  • - Cryotherapy
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