Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Palacios

Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Palacios

Message from the Mayor

Courtesy City Hall of Cuenca


Cuenca Expats Magazine Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Alcaldía de Cuenca

My Dear Friends,

Whether you call Cuenca your home or plan to visit Cuenca, you will find we have created many cultural exchange programs for you. Their purpose is to provide the opportunity for you to know more about us and to make you feel at home.
It is my pleasure to invite you to come and enjoy the many cultural sites and events, satisfy your culinary experience at our many restaurants offering local and international cuisines, and enjoy the charm of our local markets. Here you will find products, including the freshest fruits and vegetables, all grown locally for you and your family.
It is our intention to continue to showcase Cuenca as the model city—the pride and joy of not only Ecuador but of all South America. Its cleanliness, safety, and many cultural amenities provide each resident and visitor the opportunity to enjoy and improve their quality of life.
From the first day I took the oath of office as the Mayor of Cuenca, it has been the goal of this administration to work tirelessly every day with honesty and sacrifice to improve everyone’s life in Cuenca.
We also invite you to get involved in Cuenca’s public life. We want you to contribute your ideas, talents, and experience to help us build a better today and future together. We count on your participation as a means of demonstrating true democracy and friendship.


Ing. Marcelo Cabrera Palacios

“Of all the cities in Ecuador, Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca (Cuenca’s official name), is by far the most charming. The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, its magnificent colonial architecture, its cobblestone streets and magnificent parks, its amazing history, its fabulous culture and its finest quality public services, all combine to achieve the national and international benchmarks identifying the city of Cuenca as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.”


The administration of Cuenca’s City Hall has undertaken several projects and works to restore the Cuenca’s natural beauty and to improve the quality of life of all the residents living in this privileged corner of Ecuador and all its visitors.

Heritage and Culture

Our office offers many free cultural activities and events for you and your family to experience in our museums and public areas. The details of these events are published through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Cuenca was declared a Cultural Heritage City of Humanity by UNESCO on December 1, 1999, and the restoration of its original buildings is one of our major priorities.
One of the recently restored buildings was the Casa Museo Remigio Crespo. It is located on Calle Larga and Presidente Borrero which, because of its characteristics and charm, became a jewel of the city.
We invite you to enjoy and discover this fabulous example of the original architecture found throughout our beautiful city. On visiting this magnificent building, you will be introduced to our wonderful history and learn about the founding of Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca and its milestones.

Some of the other homes under restoration are:

Casa Mary Corilé: Miguel Angél Estrella and Juan Bautista Stiehle
Casa de la Lira: La Condamine 12-124
Casa Palacios Abad: Plaza El Otorongo
Casa Tienda: El Vado
Casa de las Duchas: Tarqui y Presidente Córdova
Casa de los Deberes y Derechos: Across Plaza San Francisco
Casa Márquez: El Vado
Iglesia de San Blas: Manuel Vega and Simón Bolívar
Vitrales de la iglesia de San Alfonso: Simón Bolívar and Presidente Borrero

Another major and emblematic project currently underway by our administration is the restoration and rebuilding of the San Francisco Plaza, a unique landmark of the city. Located at Padre Aguirre and Presidente Córdova, it will be committed to the sale of handicrafts from Ecuadorian artisans and for cultural events in the City Center. San Francisco Plaza will soon be available to visit.


Cuenca became the model in the management of green areas that are located on the banks of the four rivers that flow through Cuenca, within the city center, and in the outskirts of the city.
We made the decision to increase the green areas from 5.98 square meters to 9.06 square meters per inhabitant and we expect to increase it to 11 square meters per inhabitant.
Additionally, within the Cuenca, several mega parks are being constructed that will soon be in service and available to the inhabitants of the city and its visitors.
From the park La Libertad, located at Calle Nicanor Merchán and Héroes de Verdeloma, you can get a breathtaking view of the city, which is about to commemorate its 198th year of Spanish Independence. Another area park we constructed is the La Luz mega-park, located at Loma Tú Eres Pedro and Miraflores, where you can spend splendid family time, and also be treated to a magnificent panoramic view of this beautiful city of Cuenca.
All these green spaces are there for you and Cuencanos alike to enjoy and meet each other. They provide golden opportunities for everyone to share in each other’s cultures.

Public Transportation

Our city administration has worked tirelessly to provide the best public transportation in the country. Our first step was to introduce the "Movilízate" card, which can be acquired in many locations. The benefit of introducing this card was to eliminate of requirement for cash to ride any of Cuenca’s public transportation.
Cuenca’s Transportation Department, which is responsible for the public transportation within the city, instituted a plan to gradually replace fuel operated buses with electric busses. The reason for this is to improve the service to all our public transportation users and to do our part to reduce the amount of pollution generated by public transportation within the city.
Starting in January 2019, we will be offering public bicycles for rent to make it easier to travel within the city where only short distances are required. The administration is doing this to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic within the city and to further reduce pollution.
After much anticipation, we are in the final stages of construction of the Tranvía, our citywide electric tram system. This system will provide much needed clean transportation throughout the city of Cuenca. This new transportation system will be in operation beginning March 2019.
With the construction nearly concluded, we will begin preoperational reviews during which we will be testing the operation of traffic lights, stop signs, ticket machines, etc., to verify all equipment is operational and working as designed for our March 2019 inauguration of the tram system. This will make Cuenca the only city in the country to have this massive ecological transport system.
These are just a sample of the programs and projects we are initiating and managing. It is our commitment and goal to improve the quality of life of all residents and visitors. We continually seek ways to improve all our basic services.

Drinking Water and Wi-Fi

Cuenca’s drinking water is continually rated as one of the best in South America. Maintaining the purity of Cuenca’s water is paramount for our administration. Because of our efforts, the tap water is one of the safest in South America. The availability of tap water is 97.9% in the urban area, and with all the active projects in rural parishes, water availability is 94.1%.
Our city administration is keenly aware of the necessity of increasing the availability of Wi-Fi services throughout the city. With so many residents having relatives living outside of Ecuador and so many visitors experiencing the wonderful life here in Cuenca, we have worked diligently with Ecuador’s communication companies to provide 114 Wi-Fi zones providing service throughout the city and rural areas.
These are but a few of the examples of how committed our administration is to ensure your life or visit in this beautiful city, Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca, will be a memorable one.

Mayor’s Office

The services provided by the Mayor's Office of Cuenca can be viewed through its website which has an English version.

Address: Simón Bolívar and Presidente Borrero, corner.
City Hall of Cuenca
Address: Calle Sucre between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero
Phone: 07- 413-4900 (English version available)
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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