Marian Rios


Yenis Bejas, a native of Aragua, Venezuela, embodies a diverse range of talents and passions that have shaped her impressive professional journey. Her academic pursuits began at the Centro Latinoamericano de Comercio, where she earned a degree in Business Administration and Management. Shortly after, she attained the title of Comprehensive Educator from the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador.

Continuing her academic endeavors, Yenis pursued further qualifications, including a Master’s degree in Behavior Guidance, a Diploma in Virtual Education, and expertise in E-commerce, Marketing, and General Management. Her commitment to lifelong learning and academic excellence is evident in her diverse skill set and qualifications.

In her professional career, Yenis has held key roles in Marketing and Sales Management at prominent companies such as Laboratorios Chemycal’s Soma in Mérida, Venezuela, Conetecliman Cía. Ltda., and Rocha Ingeniería in Cuenca, Ecuador. She has also served as an Auditor of Good Manufacturing Practices and as a Methodological Advisor for Professional Practices in Social Sciences, Administration, Accounting, and Engineering.

Currently serving as the Director of Marketing at the prestigious Cuenca Expats Magazine, Ecuador’s leading English-language publication, Yenis demonstrates a profound passion for marketing and advertising. She is captivated by the beauty and diversity of Cuenca, Ecuador, and is deeply interested in the ways people connect within this vibrant community.

Moreover, Yenis’s dedication to promoting human well-being extends beyond her professional endeavors. She holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Psychology, reflecting her commitment to fostering holistic wellness and personal growth. This unique blend of professional expertise and personal vocation underscores Yenis’s unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike.