Joel Sanchez

Sales Manager

Joel Sanchez, a passionate sales expert, has forged his career in the dynamic world of commerce with the prestigious Frito Lay and PepsiCo group in Venezuela. His dedication and skills led him to manage the western region of Venezuela, demonstrating his ability to tackle challenges and achieve success in a competitive market.

With a philosophy centered on customer service, Joel stands out for his unwavering commitment to providing the best possible experience for each client. His proactive approach and meticulous attention to customer needs have been instrumental in establishing strong and lasting relationships, both with current and potential clients.

Since joining our group of magazines in 2022, Joel has been an invaluable asset to our sales team. His exemplary leadership and ability to surpass goals have significantly contributed to the growth and ongoing success of our company.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Joel finds peace and rejuvenation in nature, where he spends his free time exploring landscapes and embarking on adventures with his trusty bicycle. His passion for the outdoors reflects his adventurous spirit and his desire to find balance between work and enjoying life.

To contact Joel you can send him an email or WhatsApp message by clicking on any of the icons below.
Joel Sanchez