Cuenca Expats Magazine Issue 41

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Functions. Make Your Bathroom Amazing. Pamper Yourself in a Spa.

Ever need to replace a kitchen or bathroom fixture?  You’re looking around the store but don’t recognize any of the brands. You ask for help (if you can find someone), but the salespeople don’t seem to know any more than you do. It can be frustrating being an expat shopper. Well, no more. Bermeo Hermanos Kitchen and Bath has world-class brands, a knowledgeable English-speaking staff, and competitive pricing, and they stand behind all the warranties on products purchased. In Cuenca? Too good to be true? Read on. Bermeo Hermanos was founded in 1948 by Luis Bermeo. In the late 80’s the second-generation management decided to concentrate the business on two main lines:  sporting goods with emphasis on fitness equipment, and kitchen and bath accessories.  BHkb is the division selling kitchen and bath accessories, plus spas.

Early on, the company acquired a cultured marble plant, PLASMADE, and later completed the line with Delta Faucet American faucets, Toto toilets, Villeroy and Boch sanitary ware and the best-selling Hot Spring spas.  Bermeo Hermanos has direct representation of these brands for Ecuador, ensuring a proper supply of products, warranty and the necessary technical support. Third-generation management led by Thomas Bermeo, a USA Marquette University graduate, is bringing the business to a new level to meet the challenges of the new century. Bermeo says, our 75-year experience and thousands of satisfied clients is our best advertisement.”

Cuenca is a great location to have a spa. 

bermeo hermanos

Used regularly, research shows a hot tub can help improve physical health and emotional well-being. 

BHkb carries the number one selling spa in the world—Hot Spring. Most products are delivered free of charge. There is also help getting them installed. Some installation is done by BHkb employees, while other more technical processes are done by professionals they have trained and recommend. There are two Cuenca locations to view products and get any and all questions answered. The BHkb showroom at Av. Paucarbamba specializes in bath and kitchen with a full working display that will allow you to choose the best products to meet your needs.  The central locale offers a more limited display of kitchen and bath products. (While there, you may want to see a complete floor of sporting goods and fitness equipment to try out). When shopping at BHkb what can an expat expect?  Bermeo answers, “we listen and then suggest the best products. We have the ability and knowledge to provide exceptional service in the areas our customers need. The customer benefits from our experience, which assures they are getting the best products to meet their needs.”

Major credit cards accepted.

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Phone (speak English):  099 808 6869

Address: Paucarbamba avenue and Francisco Sojos Street 1st floor