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Free Check-up for Cuenca Expats Magazine Readers

The American Optometric Association recommends annual eye examinations for everyone over age 60. As you get older, your eyesight normally changes. Some changes are more serious than others, but for many of these problems, there are things you can do to protect your vision. The key is to get your eyes examined regularly so that problems can be caught early. The step to protect your vision is simple: have your eyes examined regularly by an eye care professional, either an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. 

A fifteen-year professional, Dr. Ana Milena Osorio at OPTICAL COLOMBIANA states, “During this exam, we’ll put drops in your eyes to enlarge (dilate) your pupils so we can check the inside of your eyes. That is the only way to detect the presence of some common eye diseases that have no signs or symptoms in their early stages. If the person wears glasses, we also verify if the graduation of these is correct.”

Dr. Ana also recommends you see a professional immediately if you have any of the following problems: you suddenly can’t see or everything looks black, you see flashes of light, have eye pain, have double vision, have redness, or have swelling in your eyes or eyelids. 

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Because of Cuenca’s high levels of ultraviolet radiation (UV), another recommendation from Dr. Ana is to protect your eyes in very sunny weather by wearing sunglasses that block UV and wearing a wide-brimmed hat when outside.

The most common eye problems can be easily treated. But sometimes these problems can be a sign of a more serious illness including presbyopia, floating spots, tearing (or excess tears) and eyelid problems.

To help expats protect their vision, OPTICAL COLOMBIANA is offering readers of Cuenca Expats Magazine a FREE eye exam, plus a 50% discount on any lenses!

Protect your eyes.  Make an appointment for your FREE eye exam today.

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