Cuenca Expatas Magazine, Issue 42

Photos: Courtesy of Bonsai Sushi

Let Your Taste Buds Embark on an Extraordinary Journey of Flavors

If you live in the west part of town, you’re in for a real treat.  A fantastic new sushi restaurant has opened, conveniently located near Mathew Bagels Store on the tranvia line. The restaurant opened earlier this year to the delight of expat sushi lovers.  Venezuelan high school friends Ederwin Báez, Robin Contreras and Edwin Báez own Bonsai Sushi.  For over 12 years they learned their trade first in Caracas. Later, each separated and migrated to different countries to hone their skills. In 2021, they decided to come back together and develop the team skills necessary for allowing them to follow their dreams of owning their own restaurant.

They all migrated to Ecuador. Cuenca was selected as their first restaurant site because of its safety and growing international vibe. The owners have put a priority on  the  quality   and

bonsai suhi

freshness of their seafood and their customer service.

Customers love the way the chefs combine Thai and Chinese flavors creating a greater fusion for their Japanese food.  Unique to Bonsai Sushi. There is a surprisingly wide menu selection from classic rolls to more creative and innovative dishes.  Expat favorites include the Special Alaska, the bonsai roll, edamame, and the tempura squid. Whether you’re seeking a memorable dining experience, a delightful takeout treat, or catering for your special event, they’ve got you covered. Their dedication to exceptional customer service ensures that every visit to Bonsai Sushi is an unforgettable one. Come visit today!

  • Address: Los Alamos 3-43 & Arrayán, Cuenca
  • Phone: 099 284 9419
  • Email:
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bonsai sushi
bonsai sushi
bonsai sushi

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