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Grafisum is a family company owned by John Durán and Dora Cardoso, it started back in 1990 as a small stationary store in the center of the city and, since then, it has grown and improved to be the most innovative, and important printing company in the city and in the southern region of Ecuador. They provide excellent quality, specializing in packaging and labels, as well as advertising and book printing.  

Like all great companies, it started small. When Grafisum was born, there were already several big companies in which it had to compete. But John had a clear vision of the future and always wanted to be the best in the market. With the help of his wife Dora, in charge of the financial department, they were able to achieve their goals, and now Grafisum is a synonym for quality. They started with little machinery and a small team, but as the years passed, they continued to make innovations and improve the production line of the company. Little by little they started to buy high-end technology and machinery to give their clients the service they expected.

Now Grafisum has grown to be the most important printing company in the city. The biggest companies from Cuenca and also from other parts of Ecuador rely on them to do their printing, for example, the magazine you are holding in your hands, or the labels and boxes of your favorite local chocolates or liquors.

Grafisum has won the trust of their clients due to three fundamental values: provide the highest quality, punctual delivery, and efficient customer service. But the company knows that all of that is not enough, so they have started a plan to be more ecological and to care more about the environment and the community. The company now has a range of ecological and sustainable papers made out of sugar cane, and increasingly this is the chosen alternative for their customers who are looking for printing solutions that are more eco-friendly.

Also, Grafisum is working hand in hand with some of the young entrepreneurs from Cuenca. Due to their new technology they can help small-budget companies print small quantities of whatever they need, starting with a very complex and detailed box as a prototype for future production or with just 20 labels for the first batch of beer of a new brewery in town.

Imprenta Grafisum

They are also a pet-friendly office, so if at any point you visit them, you will probably meet Adolfo, a cute little dog who is a member of the family and always happy to welcome customers and give them a couple of laughs.

Grafisum is an old company with a young mindset. They are not happy with just being the best, and that is the reason why they want to keep improving.

They love challenges and new projects and they are a very welcoming company, so for all your printing needs, big or small, visit them and they will be very happy to help you. And of course, they speak English.



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Dirección: Darwin 2-68 y Remigio Crespo

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