December 22, 2015

Devil’s Nose Train Ride & Ingapirca


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Departure Time: Bus Loads at 6:30 am and departs promptly at 6:45 am


If you’re like me, I’ve been wanting to go on this exciting train ride and explore the best preserved of all Incan ruins in Ecuador. Good news – we can do both in one day if we leave early.
Our friends at VanService (The Big Red Bus people) will supply a modern clean bus, a safe and conscientious driver plus a well-informed bi-lingual guide to point out all the sights all at a very affordable price.
Yours truly, Ecuador George, will be the Travel Club host to insure everyone has a great time.

Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose Train)
A tourist destination like no other, Nariz del Diablo “Devil’s Nose” is not for the faint of heart. Dubbed “the most difficult railway in the world,” step into the rehabilitated, zig-zag railroad of Ecuador’s first train, made to connect the Coast with the capital of Quito. It was built in a near vertical wall of rock standing at 1,900 meters high and was finally completed in 1908.

Journey into the place where Ecuador’s past comes alive. Inside the ruins of Ingapirca, located in the province of Cañar, you will find Ecuador’s largest and most preserved archaeological site. The glorious sun temple and village structures with stonework identical to that found in Machu Picchu, will leave you enchanted. Built as an observatory and ceremonial site for the Cañari culture, today it’s a treat for tourists, hikers and grazing llamas.

The Devil’s Nose Train and to the Ingapirca Ruins is now scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th. Yes, the date has changed because Carnival will be in full swing on our original date. The cost is only $89. The bus will load at 6:30 am and depart promptly at 6:45 am from Parque de la Madre and will return at 9:00 pm. Everything is included in the $89 price – The fare to ride the train, entrance to Ingrapirca, and transportation with a guide for the full day. Even a boxed lunch and a nice dinner on the ride home is included in the price. The only extra you’ll need to pay is for any refreshments during the trip.

Reserve your spot today.

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