September 9, 2016

Cooking School

* Cooking School No.3 *

* Starting on September 29th, 2016 *

Have you always wanted to cook like a chef?
Would you like to know how to incorporate all the new fruits, vegetables,
grains and spices found in Ecuador into your diet and cooking?
Do you wonder what changes you need to make in
your cooking and baking because of the high altitude of Cuenca?



If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then make plans to join us at the monthly cooking classes just for expats starting in July as a joint effort between Cuenca Expats Magazine and the San Isidro Instituto Superior. Just like the full-time students who study at the institute, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs and cooking instructors around. Taught in English, each affordable, three-quarter day session will be full of new information and experiences.

Starting in the morning in the classroom, you will discover things like where and how to purchase the freshest and best ingredients. You will learn about the best tools and techniques to use. You will watch a culinary professional demonstrate how to prepare various dishes. Then you will break and institute students and faculty will prepare lunch especially for you. The afternoon will be devoted to hands-on instruction at your own workstation in the kitchen. When you complete the entire sequence of classes you will receive a certificate proclaiming your accomplishment.



If you are interested please email your name, and phone number to If you have a friend who would like to attend the class with you, send us an email with their name (names) of the attendees, and phone number (s) to

Your day at the Cooking School
looks like this:

1. Meet and Welcome at 10am. Coffee Served. Tour for Newbie
2. Class Room Lecture 11am
3. Lunch 12:30pm
4. 2-3:30pm “Hands-On” Seafood /ceviche Instruction
5. 4pm Wrap-Up and Information on the October class.

This class promises to be very interesting. we will give you details by email.

We will be waiting for you

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Cooking School Past Editions

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