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Dr. Rómulo Guerrero - Facial Architect

 By Nick Vasey - Photographs Courtesy of Dr. Guerrero

Generally when one hears the words “plastic surgery” the imagery which springs to mind is that of Hollywood stars seeking the kind of perfection usually only seen in glamour magazines. However, it transpires this area of expertise, is frequently being applied in far more severe and life-critical matters than simply the aesthetics of “beauty.” 
Enter a pioneering doctor called Romulo Guerrero. Dr. Guerrero’s clinic at the Hospital Metropolitan in Quito specializes in all types of plastic and reconstructive surgery. However, he has also gone far beyond traditional “aesthetic” surgeries and techniques, by blazing new trails into niche areas which require a unique kind of medical competence and approach. 
Modern plastic surgery has undergone great changes, restoring the position of tissues, restoring proportion and aesthetic harmony, while assiduously avoiding the previously exaggerated results that denoted discernible plastic surgery.

Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Guerrero is an expert in facial rejuvenation and has developed some uniquely innovative techniques. These techniques have contributed to shorter surgery and recovery times for many patients. They assist with recovering the volume of certain areas crucial for a more youthful appearance (projection of cheekbones, the definition of the neck, restoration of the region around the eyes, etc.). Dr. Guerrero’s specialty in eye-work alone is undoubtedly a significant advance in this kind of rejuvenation surgery.

Rhinoplasty – Aesthetic correction of the nose

In May of 2017, a rhinoplasty course was held in Brasilia. The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery invited the best surgeons in the world, one from each continent, to take part. The European representative was Italian, Enricco Roboti, the United States representative, Dean Toriumi, and the representative for Latin America was Rómulo Guerrero. These prestigious professors each displayed the leading-edge techniques they utilize to achieve excellent aesthetic results in nose surgery. This event was widely acknowledged to have been the best congress of rhinoplasty specialists and techniques in the world.

Issue 21 - Cuenca Expats Magazine - Dr. Romulo Guerrero
Issue 21 - Cuenca Expats Magazine - Dr. Romulo Guerrero

Dr. Guerrero is routinely asked to contribute articles to internationally renowned medical journals in Europe, the United States, etc. He has also written two books to teach modern techniques of facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty to young plastic-surgeons or to inform those who want to better understand the available options, in order to improve the quality of their results.


Before writing this article, this was a word I had never heard before. I am betting very few readers here will have previously been acquainted with it. Craniosynostosis is an extremely severe medical condition, which if not promptly treated will almost certainly have fatal consequences for the victims, who are usually children. Without getting too technical, it refers to a scenario where the skull prematurely stops growing larger as it normally would. The consequences of this for the sufferer are invariably acute pressure on a growing brain, seizures, and eventually death, due to the ever-increasing intra-cranial pressure.

In the mid to late 90s, Dr. Guerrero perfected and then patented a methodology for treating this condition, a methodology which had never been applied before. The technique utilizes a process which results in a "gradual elongation of the cranium." 

Issue 21 - Cuenca Expats Magazine - Dr. Romulo Guerrero

The patent for this revolutionary medical process was lodged in 1994, and granted in 1999. It has since been used by Dr. Guerrero and those he has trained with enormous success, which has thus brought great relief to many patients and their anxious families.

An illustrative case would be that of young Ronny Salinas, of Cuenca, who had been diagnosed with "coronal craniosynostosis" otherwise known as "Crouzon Syndrome." Ronny's parents, understandably alarmed at the imminent threat posed by his brain being constricted and not able to develop were quickly referred to Dr. Guerrero. The premature closing of his coronal cranial sutures had left Ronny in a dire situation, whereby the remedial operation needed to be undertaken both quickly and effectively. Dr. Guerrero's revolutionary technique utilizes something called a "distractor" which once inserted, allows the size of the skull to expand as needed gradually, such that the developing brain has the room it needs to grow and properly "seat" itself healthily. For those who are interested in that incredible story, there is a great short video at Dr. Guerrero's YouTube channel.

It is not only this revolutionary process which has won such acclaim for Dr. Guerrero. As previously noted, he has also published two massive academic/professional tomes in his specialist field. One specifically addresses rhinoplasty and the other deals with facial rejuvenation. Given his stellar international reputation, these books are highly sought after by other specialists, such that they, their practices, and their patients can benefit from the medical wisdom and experience which has been hard-won over the years by Dr. Guerrero.

Furthermore, Dr. Guerrero’s contributions to his field, have been recognized worldwide. He was President of the “Federation Ibero LatinoAmerica de Cirugia Plastica” from 2008 to 2010 … an organization which represents 5,000 plastic surgeons from around 23 countries. Additionally, he was president of the “Ecuadorian Society of Plastic Surgery” as well as a member of the directive of IPRAS (an international body for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery). He is currently the International Relations Director for the “Association of Plastic Surgeons of South America.” Over the years, Dr. Guerrero has also presented at conferences for all the Latin American countries, as well as in Spain, Portugal, and as far afield as Asia.

To put it simply, Dr. Guerrero is pretty much an unstoppable force in the fields of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, in addition to being focused on his signature medical techniques discussed earlier. So, whether one is interested in just a little “nip and tuck,” or perhaps requiring more serious reconstructive work after an accident, Dr. Guerrero’s clinics would seem to be the place to go.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Dr. Guerrero and his extraordinary work should visit both his YouTube channel and website (information herein). Dr. Guerrero has a clinic for surgery in Quito, Hospital Metropolitano, as well as Mexico City. Also, Cuenca residents specifically, should be aware that Dr. Guerrero visits the Clinica Santa Inés about every two months, to perform surgeries as required.



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