Dr. Marcelo Cisneros & Dr. Eliana Oleas

Dr. Marcelo Cisneros and Dr. Eliana Oleas of CORPORE CLÍNICA


Reshaping Your Future

By Henry Noel
Photographs Courtesy of CORPORE CLINICA and Nathalie Duffau


Since the first plastic surgery procedure was performed in 1597, advancements in reconstructive surgery have been monumental with a mounting list of procedures being performed improving the quality of life of thousands of individuals from infants to the elderly. The most exciting aspect of these latest techniques and highest quality procedures is they can be experienced right here in Cuenca.

Corpore Clínica is a state-of-the-art, technically advanced clinic operating to the highest Western medical standards. Dr. Marcelo Cisneros, Director of Corpore Clínica, is as passionate about his art as anyone I have ever met. The reason for demanding such a high standard is to guarantee the patient the safest, scientifically efficient, and the best special care. Dr. Cisneros’ staff is second to none. Every patient is provided friendly, cooperative, and professional services with the assurance of receiving the highest level of attention and expertise in performing the procedures.

Dr. Cisneros knew from childhood he wanted to be a doctor and once he became a doctor, surgery was his calling. Dr. Cisneros began in neurosurgery then transitioned into oncological surgery. Neither of these satisfied him so he decided on plastic surgery. Dr. Cisneros explained, “It is a big surgery, very complex, and it changes people’s lives. A person that has a physical deformity or an appearance issue that they don’t like, well, correcting it changes their life. It makes them happy. The person whose hands function improperly cannot work. After reconstructive surgery, with their hand function returned, it really changes their lives because they feel productive again, and they are happy. These are the results that make me happy and the reason why I chose plastic surgery. It is a big surgery that produces obvious results that change people’s lives and that creates happy moments and makes me feel fulfilled.”

When we were discussing what people should be looking for when investigating reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cisneros was very poignant. “The most important aspect of reconstructive surgery is that the patient regains function, allowing the patient to return to work or to be able to reintegrate into their social environment with family and friends.” Dr. Cisneros continued, “I would recommend looking for a certified surgeon who is a member of professional societies like the Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Cirugía Plástica or the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and a member of international organizations officially attributed to plastic surgery. I would also recommend looking for a surgeon who generates confidence and has adequate experience in their field.”

When asked why patients chose his clinic, he adds, “Patients come to my clinic after having searched the media, and they want a certified professional to handle their specific situation. Patients also want to be in an environment that is professional, honest, and ethical—where they feel respected. This is the feedback I receive from patients when they come to me.” Dr. Cisneros added, “Most of the patients have been referred to me by former patients. We do not advertise on television or in the newspapers and our only social media outlet is our website (http://en.drmarcelocisneros.com). So, personal referrals are the predominant means of advertising.” Dr. Cisneros’ patient makeup is 65% Ecuadorian and 35% foreign.

In fielding the question about how a patient should prepare for reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cisneros was very specific. “Before a surgery, the patient must have a personal interview with me so we can evaluate everything about the patient’s health condition and not just their expectations about the surgery. We need to see what their health condition is to assess the possible results that the patient is looking for and to prevent any probable complications or any possible risks that the patient may have. In the first step of the interview, the patient provides a very detailed clinical history, has all the x-rays and other photographic evidence of the case to make an accurate technical preparation of the surgical procedure, and has comparative evidence before the procedure, so the post-surgery results can be compared to show improvement. Apart from this, we do all types of exams, blood tests, cardiological assessments, x-ray assessments, and any other tests I deem important to assess the whole of the patient.”

In discussing the subject of whether there are patients he has declined to perform reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cisneros was emphatic that “yes, there have been times in which, in my opinion, surgery was not required. For example: when a patient wants a nose reconstructed, and I believe there is nothing aesthetically or functionally wrong with their nose, I will recommend they change their approach to life and seek another professional other than a plastic surgeon.” Continuing along these lines, Dr. Cisneros added, “Another reason I will refuse reconstructive surgery for a patient is when a patient has greater expectations than reality. That is, they want a result that I cannot offer them because the patient’s conditions do not apply to what they want.” “A third reason to refuse reconstructive surgery is when it implies an ethical issue.” Dr. Cisneros would refuse to perform reconstructive surgery although it does not depend on the patient or him, but the medical condition of the patient. “For example, if the patient has a cardiac issue, that implies a greater risk to their health if the aesthetic surgery was performed.”

One of the most heartfelt responses from Dr. Cisneros came because of a question about what else he would like the readers of Cuenca Expat Magazine to know about him. “What I offer my patients, besides what I have already talked about, is a service with a lot of ethics, to have them know we doctors are simple people, we know about real life, and with our patients, we share a degree of affection, friendship, confidence, and we are just other human beings who can be productive. I like to live a very normal life, surround myself with my wife, family and friends. I always try to be up to date on scientific research to continue offering my patients the greatest evolution that my profession and specialty may have.”

When asked if there was one thing he would like to have changed, whether in the profession or in his experience, Dr. Cisneros replied, “Nothing. Not even my mistakes because they have taught me a lot, so we don’t make the same mistake twice. In life we learn every day that we aren’t perfect, and that is where the beauty of human beings lies, although we must always be very ethical, very professional, very human. Before I am a doctor, I am human; before being a scientist, I am human. We treat our patients with science, but above all, with humanity. We do not classify the patient as a clinical history number or a dollar amount in the bank, we treat the patient as a human being. Their well being is my success, their happiness is my happiness, and vice versa. So, my wife (who is my anesthesiologist) and I unite to serve our patients.

Dr. Marcelo Cisneros and Dr. Eliana Oleas of CORPORE CLÍNICA

Dr. Marcelo Cisneros and Dr. Eliana Oleas

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