October 28, 2015

VIP Club

Cuenca Expats Magazine VIP Club

Most websites ask you to sign up for their newsletter, but offer very little in return. At Cuenca Expats Magazine, we realize your e-mail address and time are very valuable and giving us permission to send you information is priceless, especially in these days where SPAM clogs your e-mail box.
That is why we’ve created the Cuenca Expats Magazine VIP Club. For giving us permission to send you updates, we have developed a comprehensive benefit package. Here are a few of the features you will enjoy as a VIP Club member:

1. Early access to each edition of the magazine
2. VIP Club member event invites
3. VIP Club member only offers from our participating advertising partners
4. Travel Discounts through our participating partner Travel Agencies
5. More benefits as they become available

Additionally, we will not sell your name and e-mail address to anyone else. We value your privacy and will not take advantage of the permission you’ve given us. To join the VIP Club, simply fill in the information below submit it. Thank you and enjoy the privileges that come along with membership.

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