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Melody J. Crabb

Hello Beautiful Cuenca!

Welcome, 2021!  All of us at Cuenca Expats Magazine hope everyone had a merry and joyous holiday season. While 2020 has been a challenging year, we are all looking forward to a brighter and prosperous New Year. City-wide restrictions have hindered our ability to move forward on many planned events and promotions over the past months. However, our team continues to navigate through the new and changing guidelines while working hard to continue to offer you important information, personal stories, tasty recipes, health tips, travel destinations, community service opportunities and much, much more.

This month’s cover story cover is on Carlos Ramirez and Blue Box insurance.  Blue Box is the #1 choice for all the insurance needs of Cuenca expats. Read the article and you’ll know why.

Wonder if you can make money living overseas?  We asked our favorite and popular video bloggers JP and Amelia to share their experiences. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. In the video, they discuss their entrepreneurial efforts. Make sure to check out their blog to gain information on how you too can earn money overseas.

Time for a change of scenery?  How about a getaway weekend at the peaceful Izhcayluma Ecolodge in Vilcabamba? Jeff Salz is back with us this month to share his visit to the ecolodge in Travel and Adventure.

We also have for your continued reading, our monthly Health Tip, Spanish Lesson and another feature on Cuenca Architecture. And for those needing an uplifting story, you’ll enjoy “Unauthorized Deposit.”

If you live in Cuenca, please read about our community efforts regarding the registration of potential blood donors. There is a great need in this area. The goal is to have a sound and accurate list, while clearing up some confusion regarding donation qualifications. This is critical, especially when a fellow community member has a medical emergency and needs blood immediately. If you would like to be a potential donor, please consider signing up.

As you all know, due to COVID health restrictions, most of this year’s annual Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were canceled. We, here at the magazine, wanted to highlight some of the interesting moments of 2020 in a photo essay. Go check it out.

As we approach year end, there are few who will miss the turmoil of 2020. Adios 2020! Here’s wishing a better new year for everyone.

Best regards to all……..

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