HEALTH TIPS – Motivation to Start an Exercise Program

HEALTH TIPS – Motivation to Start an Exercise Program


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It can be difficult to start an exercise program and even more difficult to maintain it.

To get started, you should first determine your initial level of fitness: weight, the time it takes to walk one mile (1.6 km), how far you can stretch, or the number of push-ups you can do. This initial evaluation may be easier to do with the help of a coach.


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Your goals are then determined depending on whether it's getting in enough physical shape to walk comfortably, do long-distance runs, or to perform a regular activity.

Your own tastes should be taken into consideration when selecting an exercise regimen. Some people like classes because their classmates provide encouragement and motivation. Others will feel somewhat uncomfortable in a classroom setting, worrying about making a fool of themselves if they don't know exactly what to do. They may prefer individual workouts or work directly with a personal trainer who provides motivation and professional supervision.

Others will choose to join a gym or buy sports equipment to use at home. Yet, there are many types of exercise that require very little equipment. It may be necessary; however, to purchase athletic shoes designed for specific activities.

There are people who prefer to vary the type of exercise they do to prevent the practice from becoming boring. Variation in the type of exercise will also help prevent minor injuries caused by repetitive actions.

No matter how you choose to exercise, it’s important to get moving; and tracking progress toward specific goals can help you stay motivated to continue.


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