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Melody J. Crabb

Hello Beautiful Cuenca!

It is great to see our amazing city waking up from its sleepy haze. I love seeing people walking along the rivers, children playing outside and others exercising in the parks again. It’s exciting to see many friends out and about and favorite locations slowly starting to safely open.

This edition of Cuenca Expats Magazine is packed full of diverse articles, helpful information and touching stories. I am proud to announce that this month’s issue also introduces two new monthly features: Everyday Spanish and a Health Tip. If you’re like me, you might have missed out on the “foreign language” gene. (Being from Texas, however, I find that I speak Spanglish fluently.) No problem. Each month, we will be providing our readers with useful Spanish phrases for everyday conversation. This month’s focus is on taxi lingo. And, in regard to the monthly health tips, we can all use a little inspiration.

Big news from VIP Home Health Care.  They are introducing MedAlert.  An easy to use the device for calling for help in a time of need.  Every expat needs to try this service for peace of mind.

Many of you are limiting your exposure to crowded shopping areas. Tipti, this month’s cover story, presents an exciting new option combining the safety and convenience of a personal shopper with home delivery at an affordable price. Tipti is something you need to read about and consider

For art lovers, a special invitation to a new gallery showcasing the works of world-renowned painter Olmedo Quimbita.  And, by the way, Olmedo has a special FREE gift for all readers of Cuenca Expats Magazine.  Definitely worth a visit.

Don’t forget to check out our next installment of the well-received section on Cuenca Architecture. Join Jane Hiltbrand as she shares her amazing finds and insightful photos. A must-read for all you explorers seeking new treasures in historical Cuenca.

You also won’t want to miss this month’s Travel and Adventure article-- a real-life adventure, attending an authentic, indigenous Ayahuasca ceremony.  (Ayahuasca is a plant-based brew with hallucinogenic properties used by ancient Amazonian tribes). It’s not for the faint of heart, nor a story you will want to miss.

Then check out an article introducing the Cuenca for Expats Online Forum and an article about an outstanding charity called GRACE. GRACE is an outreach organization whose primary focus is on helping the many Venezuelan refugees escaping the tyrannical government of their country.

And, last but not least, this issue also includes another video from popular video bloggers JP and Amelia. Their video, “Top 10 Reasons Why We Chose Ecuador (over Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Portugal)” provides useful information as to why they considered several other countries before they chose Ecuador.

As you can see, we here at Expats Magazines Group are hard at work. In case you haven’t heard, we are also in the process of launching additional online editions; Cuenca Expats Magazine, Coastal Expats Magazine, and coming soon, Quito Expats Magazine. Check out our new webpage at to see the new changes and meet the staff.

In addition, we are honored to be invited to the Grand Opening of the new Supermaxi El Vergel. Look for our magazine rack at the front entrance of the biggest Supermaxi in Ecuador.

Stay happy, healthy and safe.

Best regards to all,

Cuenca Expats Magazine CUENCA, ON-LINE ISSUE 03


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