COVER STORY – Introducing TIPTI. A New Convenient and Safe Way to Shop

TIPTI. A New Convenient and Safe Way to Shop


By: Sarah Canez
Photos: Courtesy of TIPTI

COVER STORY – Introducing TIPTI. A New Convenient and Safe Way to ShopTipti is the premier E-Commerce online order and delivery service in Ecuador. Tipti stands for ‘Tiempo para Ti!’ (Time for You). Tipti operated an existing delivery service for more than 3 years before the beginning of the global pandemic, with an increase in business of 300% annually even before the country lockdown.  Since March 2020, their usage growth and popularity have exploded.  Using Tipti makes buying groceries so effortlessly, it’s tough to go back to making that trip to the local grocery store or mercado to buy groceries, meats and produce.

Tipti, based out of Quito, operates delivery services in Quito, Guayaquil, Salinas, Manta, Portoviejo, Ambato and Cuenca. Stores and delis from whom you can order products include Supermaxi, El Tokte, Mercado Emprendedor, Jugueton and PanArte among others. Tipti can accept orders 24 hours a day and deliver your purchases 7 days a week, but dates and hours of delivery vary depending on the business hours maintained by the affiliate store. For example, Supermaxi deliveries can be scheduled to arrive to your location between 11:00 AM to 22:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 11:00 AM to 21:00 Sundays. Your personal shopper will deliver your purchases no more than two to three hours after you submit an order. Tipti even offers an ‘Express’ option with 10 or 15 items of delivery within only an hour, depending on your location. It’s easy and quick to order grocery items, meats and poultry, vegetables and fruits by the pound, and since it is delivered within an hour or two to the customer’s home, perishable foods will not spoil. Tipti closes only on January 1 each year.

Ordering is easy using the Tipti application (app) on any smartphone, also you can use Tipti on the web ( Simply download the app to your phone, register your name, email, address, the language in setting and the Tipti app will show you a listing of the stores. You select a store and the app will show you categories of items for sale in that store. Each category will list many items that you may select and place in your ‘cart’ for purchase. The Tipti app includes a user-friendly search line in case the item you want is not listed in the usual category, or if you cannot find it in the listings. If you are not able to find the item you want either in the menu listing or by using the search line, you can choose a similar product that is listed on the menu but then specify in a note to your shopper requesting the product you need. Tipti will even show you current sale items and promotions at each store or deli.

You will be given a choice of dates and times for delivery and receipt in your home, including same day delivery. After you have finalized your selection and entered your delivery location and factura details, you will be able to send a special note to your personalized shopper, requesting specialized handling or instructions for entering your building or your neighborhood.

Tipti will receive your selections and send it automatically to their network of gastronomic expert shoppers who will select and purchase your products. If a product is not available, the shopper may text or call you to ask if you wish a substitution or another selection.

At all times the Tipti app will show the customer the status of the order on the screen and also via email. Once the order has been approved the customer can validate it within the app as an accepted order.

In addition, the customer will receive an email with the purchase ticket listing in detail everything that has been charged to the customer and each of the changes, if any, that have been made to the order. Tipti's electronic invoice will arrive once the order has been delivered.

If for any reason the customer wishes to cancel the order, this can be done but only before the shopper has finished selecting the purchases in the store or supermarket.

Customers can order ‘on demand’ anytime from a list of necessary items whenever needed, or if you need to purchase certain items on a regular basis, a subscription option is available. A customer no longer needs to stock up on purchases nor make frequent trips to stores. Since you are able to select both required items as well as the time and date for delivery, planned purchases both for immediate delivery and for delivery in the future can be made easier with the online application.  Orders can be programmed in the Tipti app up to 15 days in advance. The Tipti app records a history of your purchases with item and price details for easy subsequent ordering. To check on purchased items and receipts, look in "Mis Pedidos" (My Orders) where the receipts and products of each order are listed.

The prices for items listed in the app are Tipti’s own store prices. Customers may find some differences due to the constant update of prices that Tipti’s associated retail stores offer.  Personal Tipti shoppers will adjust the prices at the time of purchase. Tipti customers may find many promotions and better prices inside the Tipti website than can be found while actually visiting the same stores.

If the order, including tax and delivery charge, is not over $25.00, you may pay the personal Shopper with actual cash. Tipti cards can be refilled at any Banco Pichincha. Tipti does not have a minimum purchase amount.

Tipti currently has three order delivery rates for prior scheduled and express orders, depending on your type of service delivery. All the orders have a fee of $3.50 and the order will be delivered after two hours at a time chosen by the customer or delivery can be scheduled within 7 days. Express orders from a supermarket are delivered within approximately one hour.

In addition, Tipti orders include a fee of 8% of the untaxed total price of items for normal delivery service on all orders. IVA tax charged on eligible items is also passed onto the customer and will be reflected in the factura receipt. For scheduled orders from a regular store, the delivery fee is $2.50 and the order is delivered in approximately one hour and a half.

Tipti works with a methodology of sanitation protocols which includes a team of full-time Shoppers inside the supermarket and another team of delivery staff at the entrance to the stores to deliver the orders.  This practice is to avoid contaminating the people in the stores who make the purchases. Likewise, the vehicles of all Shoppers and delivery staff are equipped with elements to carry out disinfection protocols, in accordance with all regulations.

Tipti delivery persons always wear an orange jumpsuit, imprinted with the Tipti logo so you will recognize the Tipti employee when they arrive.  Tipti prides itself on the professionalism and training of their expert shoppers and delivery persons who will work hard to select the best products for you.

Tipti also has a special service for older adults, who cannot access technology immediately, for this service they should call to 1700 22 7383 option 2, or text to WhatsApp at 0994011368 and you can talk with an English-speaking agent.

Tipti is the premier E-Commerce online order and delivery service in Ecuador.

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