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Melody J. Crabb

Hello Beautiful Cuenca!

Returning back to Cuenca after 6-weeks in the United States, I can honestly say that it is great to be home. I truly believe that home is where the heart is and as soon as we arrived in Cuenca, my heartbeat with excitement. Just knowing that I was back among this amazing community put an extra hop in my step! 

As you may have noticed, not only are we putting more emphasis on our online editions during this health crisis, while most expats are limiting their outdoor activities but also, we have redesigned our website and now offer two editions: Cuenca and Coastal, with Quito coming soon.  Half of all Ecuador’s native English-speaking expats live in Cuenca, with the remaining half on the Coast and in the Quito area.  We want to serve all expats, thus, the three editions.  You can still go to our website (Https:// as usual, but now you will be able to select one or all three Cuenca, Coastal, Quito editions to read. Enjoy!

This month in Cuenca Expats Magazine, we are excited to bring you:

In this issue we are introducing a new feature-- CUENCA ARCHITECTURE.  Join Cuenca expat Jane Hiltbrand as she takes you on a tour of the most beautiful and interesting structures in our UNESCO world heritage site.  While on her tour, she also took all the stunning photos accompanying her article.

For those interested in the ethnology of Ecuador, what better place to start than “A Visit to the Timeless Heart of Ecuador”?  Join our own anthropologist, Cuenca Expats Magazines’ Travel and Adventure Editor Jeff Salz, on his visit to “a community where life has remained relatively unchanged for centuries”. This unique community is just three hours from Cuenca. Jeff also shares a great video of this adventure that you won’t want to miss.   

BE PREPARED! Every expat needs to keep this motto in mind regarding medical emergencies.  Miriam Drake, who lost her husband following a massive heart attack, went through 10 weeks of stress and fear.  Without medical training, she learned new things every day about medicine and about the emergence of new medical problems. Miriam’s story is summarized in this issue of Cuenca Expats Magazine and is amplified in a useful “Expat Medical Emergency Preparation Manual.”

And, as soon as we get the “green light” it’s back to work for the volunteers of Keep Cuenca Beautiful.  Cuenca Expats Magazine had the honor of being involved in the kick-off of Keep Cuenca Beautiful, an initiative to fight the never-ending graffiti blight on our beautiful colonial city.  Unfortunately, the pandemic didn’t stop the problem, so as soon as Cuenca gets the green light, the fight continues.  Note that this hard-working organization can always use more volunteers and donors.

Please remember to support our advertisers who allow us to bring you these three Magazines free each month.  Stay safe.

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Cuenca Expats Magazine ON-LINE ISSUE JULY


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