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Hello, Everyone! 

We have a couple of very exciting things to tell you about. First, we are thrilled to announce the inaugural Governor’s Expat Humanitarian Award. What is this you ask? 

Governor Xavier Enderica Salgado of Azuay is aware of the many contributions that Englishspeaking expats are making to the community and wishes to publicly honor these efforts with a special award. Cuenca Expats Magazine is proud to partner with the governor’s office. To nominate someone, send an email to following the format below. Name - Email Address - Phone Number - Organization - Description of Activity (100 words or less) The deadline for submission is March 30, but don’t delay…do it today! For more information, please go to page 9 in this Issue. 

Secondly, have you had a problem finding a current issue of Cuenca Expat Magazine? You can now pick up a copy at SuperMaxi, starting with the store in El Vergel. That’s right! Pick up your copy of Cuenca Expat Magazine as you do your grocery shopping. 

I’m going to sign off for now but hope you all had a great Carnival and are enjoying the great weather Cuenca has to offer this time of year. 

Brian Gary-


Cuenca Expats Magazine ISSUE 23

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