October 27, 2015

About Us

Cuenca Expats Magazine is the largest English-language publication in Ecuador. Half (10,000) of all native English-speaking expats live in Cuenca. As the “unofficial” voice of Cuenca’s expat community, our magazine is a trusted source for business and services. Cuenca Expats Magazine’s mission is to help build a stronger, more cohesive expat community and assist in their integration into Cuenca society as new and productive citizens.

Corporate Functions

Edward L. Lindquist

Managing Partner of the Expats Magazine Group

Maité Duran

Partner Expats Magazines Group

Yenis H. Bejas

General Manager of the Expats Magazines Group

Regina Weitzel

Copy Editor

Marian Ríos

Logistics, Editorial and Marketing Assistant

About Us Melody Crabb

Melody Crabb


Jeff Salz

Travel & Adventure Editor

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