September 7, 2020

About Us

Welcome to Coastal Expats Magazine.  We want to be your trusted source for living and visiting the beautiful coast of Ecuador. Twenty-five percent (5,000) of native English-speaking expats in Ecuador live on the coast and are concentrated in three major regions: Salinas, Montanita/Olon, and Manta. With writers in each of those areas, we will bring you monthly articles on coastal expat living as well as features on things to see and do, restaurant reviews, and inside information only known by locals.

Edward L. Lindquist

Managing Partner of the Expats Magazine Group

Maité Duran

Partner Expats Magazines Group

Yenis H. Bejas

General Manager of the Expats Magazines Group

Regina Weitzel

Copy Editor

Marian Ríos

Logistics, Editorial and Marketing Assistant

Henry Noel

Publisher of Coastal Expats Magazine

Jeff Salz

Travel & Adventure Editor

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