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Edward Lindquist

Desde la Costa del Ecuador, ¡Hola! - Hello! From the coast of Ecuador


All of us at Costal Expats Magazine bring you holiday greetings!  Our Publisher Henry Noel is on holiday, so it’s my pleasure to tell you about this month’s issue. We are pleased to bring you the following:

1. A cover story on Carlos Ramirez and Blue Box insurance. Blue Box is Cuenca expats’ #1 choice for all their insurance needs. Read the article and you’ll know why.  And, for all you coastal expats, good news. Blue Box is now offering its insurance services to you.

2. History buff? Learn about the pre-Colombian culture of the Bahias.  Very interesting.

3. Wonder if you can make money living overseas? We asked popular video blogger Amelia and JP to share their experiences.

4. What’s it like to live in the beautiful beach community of Olon. Here are an expat’s personal diary observations.

5. We also have for your continued reading, our monthly “Health Tip,” plus our new Spanish lesson.

6. Time for a change of scenery? How about a getaway weekend at the peaceful Izhcayluma Ecolodge in Vilcabamba.

As we approach year-end, there are few who will miss the turmoil of 2020.  Here’s wishing a better new year for all of us.


Ed Lindquist

Managing Partner, Expats Magazines Group.


Ed Lindquist

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