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Desde la Costa del Ecuador, ¡Hola! - Hello! From the coast of Ecuador

Desde la Costa del Ecuador, ¡Hola!

October is here, and we have entered the final quarter of 2020. Spring has arrived in this small equatorial country on the west coast of South America, and on October 9, we celebrate the city of Guayaquil’s independence from Spain in 1820. October 2020 also boasts two full moons: the Harvest Moon on October 1 and the Hunters Moon on October 30—a blue moon. So, enjoy Mother Nature’s displays this month; she never disappoints. We have also entered our tenth month of the not so popular drama series, “Life with COVID.” I hope everyone continues to stay safe, civil, and above all, healthy so we can get this unpopular show cancelled.

This is our second issue of Expats Magazine Coastal, and I wish to thank our contributing writers for their diligence in bringing coastal Ecuador into the spotlight. I also thank our subscribers--who now top 10,000--for their loyalty.

The coast experiences two seasons. There is a high season from December to May and a low season from June to November. High season means many people arriving on the coast to enjoy the beaches, restaurants, and warmer temperatures, and low season means far fewer visitors. So, the coast is finishing up its low season and gearing up for the high season, beginning in a couple of months.

This is the second edition of Expats Magazine Coastal, and this magazine brings with it an opportunity to let the world know we are here and encourage those interested in checking us out. . . so check us out! The purpose of Expats Magazine Coastal is to provide useful and accurate information concerning Ecuador's entire coast. We hope those looking to visit or relocate to this area of Ecuador find our offerings helpful and informative.

If you are an expat or entertaining the thought of becoming one or perhaps looking to share your time in different parts of the world, we hope you find the articles helpful, entertaining, and informative. Making life-changing decisions can be stressful enough without worrying about making the right decision to relocate. It is for this reason Expats Magazine Coastal is committed to providing accurate information about Ecuadorian coastal living. The following link opens the window to life in Ecuador, from the coast to the Sierra. So, click on this link,, and discover the fun, diversity, and beauty of Ecuador.

In this month’s Coastal edition, we present the following:

* Questions About Renting, Buying, or Investing in Coastal Real Estate. Get Answers by Ryan and Tiffany Kelly of Ecuador Shores Realty #1 Expat Recommended Agency in Manta.

*Adventures Travel Magazine takes you on a real-life adventure attending an authentic, indigenous Ayahuasca ceremony. Not for the faint of heart

*Two new monthly features: Everyday Spanish and a health tip.  If you’re like most expats, you missed out on the foreign language gene.  No problem.  Each month we’ll be providing useful phrases you need for everyday life as an expat. This month: taxi lingo.  And, a monthly health tip that we can all use.


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