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Do you often finish someone else’s sentences, feel a sense of foreboding before something bad occurs, see a vision of something before it happens, sense how friends are feeling (even before they express it) and/or catch a vibe about a new acquaintance before (s)he even speaks?

 If you answered “YES!” to one or more of the above, then chances are you have psychic abilities according to lawyer-cum-psychic Andrew Staub. Actually, he claims that we all have psychic abilities, but not everyone has the circumstances and/or inclination to foster them. A native Chicagoan, Andrew has lived in Cuenca for over four years but has been learning about becoming a clairvoyant and healer for about 25 years, and he has taught people to turn on their psychic ability of clairvoyance for over 20.

It all started when he accompanied an employee who had been urging him to attend a reading, skeptical of the outcome, but with an open mind. “I was blown away,” he exclaims about the accuracy of what the team of readers revealed: details no one could have known about his life. This piqued his interest to learn more and was about as far away from his corporate lawyering as anything could be.

Andrew Staub: Clairvoyant and Psychic at LargeAs he progressed through courses in acquiring basic psychic tools, he came to the realization that he had always had this gift, though at times it was a burden. Looking back, he realizes it explained a lot of events in his life. He practices in Cuenca what he did in Chicago: performing readings and healings and teaching others to do the same. He does not use props in his work: no tarot cards, crystal balls, palms, or tea leaves. He is adamant in that he neither gives advice nor tells the future, but he reads past lives and works with your chakras and aura to clear out foreign energy to restore space for your own energy. Blockages in one or more chakra can create physical and emotional uneasiness and ailments. Stateside, he charges $180 an hour, but in Cuenca, it’s only $35.

 He came to Ecuador sight unseen because, on paper, Cuenca checked off all his boxes. I asked whether he broke his own rule to look into his future to see if Cuenca would work out, but he shook his head, smiled and said “No.”

 One experience Andrew offered as an example was a woman in Hawaii to whom he had been giving readings and healings for over a decade. During her battle with an ovarian fibroid, he continued to work with her long distance as she healed herself by clearing old energies from her body, aura, and chakras.  During surgery, the doctors were dumbfounded to find no signs of a fibroid or damage to her organs.

 While this isn’t something that Andrew can guarantee for everyone, you can contact him if you’re curious about this field. He can be contacted at



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