Dr. Marcelo Cisneros & Dr. Eliana Oleas

CORPORE CLÍNICA Reshaping Your Future By Henry Noel Photographs Courtesy of CORPORE CLINICA and Nathalie Duffau   Since the first plastic surgery procedure was performed in 1597, advancements in reconstructive surgery have been monumental with a mounting list of procedures being performed improving the quality of life of thousands of individuals from infants to the Read more about Dr. Marcelo Cisneros & Dr. Eliana Oleas[…]

Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana

Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana Mobile Dentistry in Cuenca By Henry Noel  –  Photographs Luis Nieto Dentistry is one of the many professions being afforded the opportunity to reassess patient needs, modify its image and provide care in ways otherwise not considered in the past. This is coming about because of the world’s aging population. Even Read more about Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana[…]

Dr. Juan Esteban Arízaga Of Arízaga’s Hair Graft Institute

Dr. Juan Esteban Arízaga Of Arízaga’s Hair Graft Institute Really? We’re going to talk about balding? In this day and age of “Bald is Beautiful” and shaving one’s head in support of cancer victims or to hide the evidence of balding, showering and hygiene are rather quick and easy. So, what’s the big deal about Read more about Dr. Juan Esteban Arízaga Of Arízaga’s Hair Graft Institute[…]

Dr. Medina of Uroclinic

First Class Urology Care in Cuenca By Henry Noel Photographs by Nathalie Duffau, Luis Nieto Urology is a specialty in western medicine focusing on the male and female urinary system and male reproductive system. The organs and tissues involved are kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra. And the male reproductive organs are testes, Read more about Dr. Medina of Uroclinic[…]

Dental Clinic Implaesthetic

Implantando Sonrisas – Implanting Smiles Doctor Santiago Gonzales of Implaesthetics By Henry Noel – Photographs by Luis Nieto and Juan Diego Vélez   There was a time when, destination United States, was the go-to place for medical and dental needs, but with skyrocketing costs and insurance limitations, people are now seeking alternatives to the United States. Read more about Dental Clinic Implaesthetic[…]

Audio Centro

Audio Centro – Better Hearing for All  By Tom Larsen – Photographs Courtesy of Graficas Hernandez Produccion and Nathalie Duffau The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines audiology as “The scientific study of hearing, especially the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.”  Audio Centro’s founder, Doctor Luis Andrés Serrano, a native Cuencano who comes from a family of doctors (12 Ear, Nose Read more about Audio Centro[…]

Dr. Rómulo Guerrero

Dr. Rómulo Guerrero – Facial Architect  By Nick Vasey – Photographs Courtesy of Dr. Guerrero Generally when one hears the words “plastic surgery” the imagery which springs to mind is that of Hollywood stars seeking the kind of perfection usually only seen in glamour magazines. However, it transpires this area of expertise, is frequently being Read more about Dr. Rómulo Guerrero[…]

The new Golden Prague Brewery & Pub

  Czech Out The Brewery From The Land Of Beer “La Cerveza del País de la Cerveza” By Bartley D’Alfonso – Photographs by Bartley D’Alfonso Czechoslovakia is famous here in Cuenca, for being the origin of the beautiful blue tiles which adorn the three domes above the large Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, or “New Cathedral”, across Read more about The new Golden Prague Brewery & Pub[…]