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Cuenca Expats Magazine - Darío V. Herrera / Montecristai Golf Resort & Villas


By Henry G. Noël. Photos: Courtsey of Montecristi

For golfers who have immigrated to Ecuador, finding a golf course can be a challenge unless you can afford to join one of the few country clubs. But, for many of us, we came to realize golf has reverted to a rare form of exercise rather than the mainstay we enjoyed back home. In Ecuador, golf is a sport reserved for those who can afford it; not for the average resident—that is, until now.

Sculptured by nature, the rolling hills of the central coast of Ecuador, east of the city of Manta and north of the Canton of Montecristi, provide the backdrop for a golf resort unique to Ecuador. The Montecristi Golf Resort & Villas is a planned community with a USGA-rated public golf course as its centerpiece. This public course offers visitors and residents a healthy, active, safe, and tranquil environment in which to live, and close to the conveniences, the city of Manta can offer.

We compare golf resorts, evaluate, criticize, and discuss them, but all the hype means nothing until you get out and challenge the links. And challenge the links is what we did; or rather, it challenged us.

Montecristi Golf Resort & VillasAs a party of three, we decided to visit the links at Montecristi Golf Resort & Villas and experience them first hand. We warmed up on the driving range, took a quick course on the only GPS guided golf carts in Ecuador, and then took to the links to strut our stuff. From the first tee, we were humbled by the challenge and beauty of this resort and golf course. It’s size is excellent with play covering 6,596 yards from tees to greens. But, for this golf course, the true length must include the yardage from the greens to the next tee.

Being the only ones on the links (as far as we could tell), we enjoyed the comradery, solitude, and challenge this golf course provided. As we reached the 12th tee, we decided this was an excellent place to take a breather and enjoy the serene and picturesque view. We were unaware of the approach of a single player who had caught up to us. It was there we met Dario Herrera, Vice President of Business Development for the Montecristi Golf Resort & Villas. Mr. Herrera, a resident of the resort, lives right next to the 14th green. He graciously shared a brief and personal history of how this resort came to be and the challenges faced in its development.

If you are a golfer and have placed your game on the back burner, check out Montecristi Golf Resort & Villas. You’ll be glad you did. To learn more about Manta and Montecrisiti, save the date of April 21 at 5 pm.  Readers of Cuenca Expats Magazine will be invited to a free dinner presentation on this coastal area.  Stay tuned for more information.

Cuenca Expats Magazine - Darío V. Herrera / Montecristi Golf Resort & VillasContact info:
Address: Km 1.5 via Montecristi – Manta, Montecristi, Ecuador
Phone: 593 5-259-0020.

Visit and Save.  Free pickup from GYE 

Montecristi wants to make it easy for Cuenca’s expats to visit.

As a special incentive to the readers of Cuenca Expats Magazine, Montecristi is offering a special discounted rate for staying at the resort. All readers will receive an exclusive $99 a night room rate for the one-bedroom condo (which sleeps up to 4) for a savings of over 30%. Included free are breakfast in the main restaurant and car service to and from Guayaquil. Call for reservations today.

This promotion is not available during holidays or special events and expires on 31 Dec 2020.

Cuenca Expats Magazine - Darío V. Herrera / Montecristi Golf Resort & Villas
Henry Noel

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