November 12, 2015

Past Issues

Dr. Luis Andrés Serrano of Audio Centro

Better Hearing for All

Audio Centro provides diagnosis and treatment for all types of auditory disorders, guaranteeing the satisfaction of their clients through quality care in a very pleasant environment, backed by the best technology available in the marketplace. Audio Centro is the exclusive distributor in Ecuador for some of the top auditory technology companies in the world... [ read more ]

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Dr. Rómulo Guerrero

Facial Architect

Generally when one hears the words "plastic surgery" the imagery which springs to mind is that of Hollywood stars seeking the kind of perfection usually only seen in glamour magazines. However, it transpires thios area of expertise, frequently being applied in far more severe and life-critical matters than simply the aesthetics of "beauty"... [ read more ]

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The new Golden Prague Brewery and Pub

“La Cerveza del País de la Cerveza”

Czechoslovakia is famous here in Cuenca, for being the origin of the beautiful blue tiles which adorn the three domes above the large Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, or “New Cathedral”, across Parque Calderon. Another product from the now Czech Republic will soon come to Cuenca: a state-of-the-art brewery making the finest Pilsner lager beers to come out of Europe ...  [ read more ]

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“I Was Blind, But Now Can See.”

Where would we be without our vision? It’s probably a question most of us would prefer not to think about. Our vision, our ability to see and perceive our world, is probably the foremost of our senses. Without it, we are quite literally, “in the dark.” The title of this article is (deliberately) biblical, and refers to ...  [ read more ]

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U.S. Quality Care at Ecuadorian Prices

La Clinica de Fracturas, a fully equipped, licensed and accredited private hospital, dedicated to the treatment of bone injuries and related trauma ...  [ read more ]

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The Three Passions of Dr. René Cabrera

After graduating from high school in New Mexico, a year ahead of his class, he returned to Cuenca and entered medical school at the Catholic University of Cuenca. It wasn’t until he had nearly completed his studies that his soon-to-be wife, Patricia Sánchez, suggested that he focus on ophthalmology as his ...  [ read more ]

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A New Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Procedures

With over 3000 successful procedures performed, Dr. Pablo has encountered many patients who were either unclear about what aesthetic produces were available or they were not knowledgeable about the best alternatives for their particular situation. Instead of a patient needing to interview different ...  [ read more ]

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The First Family of Printing

Have you ever wondered what goes into publishing and printing the free, monthly "Cuenca Expats Magazine?" I am somewhat aware of the side where the salespeople secure advertisers who pay for their space and also persuade businesses to have a Business Spotlight written for them to promote their product or service.  [ read more ]

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Miguel Illescas C.

Art Gallery in Cuenca

Seldom in life are we given the opportunity to personally witness the transformation of not only an artist but of an art form. Yet you can have the chance to experience just that for yourself when you visit Miguel Illescas Cabrera’s Galeria de Arte on Calle Larga in Cuenca. Not only that, you have a major treat in store!…  [ read more ]

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Our First Year in Review

 What's been happening over the last 12 months? We thought it would be interesting to our readers to update some of our Cover Stories, to see what has happened during our first year of publishing... [ read more ]

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Dr. Fabián Polo of Orthodontics Clinic

All your dental Care in One Place

Dr. Fabian Polo Barzallo, has treated about 100 satisfied expats and tourists over the past two years. Some of these patients returned to their home countries when treatment was completed. Many of his expat patients who live in Cuenca continue to come to his clinic for their routine… [ read more ]

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Gateway to the Province of El Oro

Located in the province of El Oro, bordering Azuay, is the spectacular Hillary Nature Resort & Spa, sprung from the imagination of developers and brought to life by hard-working staff members it boasts of pools, restau rants, services, nature walks, extreme sports, and even a zoo.  [ read more ]

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San Isidro

Changing the Culinary Landscape of Cuenca

The brainchild of Francisco Encalada, San Isidro has quickly gained a reputation for turning out some of the best and most innovative chefs found anywhere, not just in Cuenca…  [ read more ]
CEM in partnership with San Isidro introducing Expat Cooking School. [ read more ]

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Hector Muñoz of El Maix

Tex-Mex Comes To Cuenca

“It’s not what you have. It’s about what you become.”this qUote is one of many that have helped guide Hector Muñoz, owner of el maix tortilla factory, on his journey around the world.  [ read more ]

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The Spirit of Gastronomy

The name of the restaurant is an integral part of its existence. Both chefs subscribe to the "Cocina del Autor" cooking philosophy, a style that prioritizes innovation above all else. Soul seeps into the flavor of every dish, into the stone crafted plates made from local rocks, and into the partnerships with organic farms…  [ read more ]

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Dr. Pablo Salamea

Award Winning Plastic Surgeon & Humanitarian

More than 3,000 people have put their trust in Dr. Pablo Salamea’s skillful hands over the last six years. Dr. Salamea is one of the foremost plastic surgeons in Cuenca, not only because of his extensive training and ability but also because of his humanitarian work. [ read more ]

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Eduardo & Juan Guillermo Vega

The Authentic Vegas

Eduardo Vega is a treasure of Cuenca. Vega is a worldfamous ceramic artist, still creating beauty and art at age 76 from his studio in Turi. When you enter his studio, you’ll see a wide variety of ceramic art… [ read more ]

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Relocation Services of Ecuador

Offering Expats Peace of Mind for Six Years

There are many people who attempt to ship their personal belongings into the country themselves, but quickly learn that while you may save a few dollars on the front end, you could find yourself paying thousands of dollars on the back end dealing with issues you weren’t aware of when… [ read more ]

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Ramiro Muñoz

Welcoming Expats with Hospitality

Ramiro Munoz’s eyes light up when he talks about his guests at The Gran Colombia Suites. “They become friends, like a member of the family. We want them to see the very best of Cuenca and feel comfortable here.” [ read more ]

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Natasha Verkley

Hearts of Gold. Together Everyone Archieves More

Natasha Verkley loves a challenge. When she became the Executive Director of Hearts of Gold, the charitable
organization was in the midst of a big transition and a serious cash shortfall... [ read more ]

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Ignacio Valdivieso

Life is about growing and helping others

Stepping into the Fox Gym Center is like stepping into a high-end gym in any major city in the United States. The place is immaculately clean, bright, and full of more modern exercise equipment... [ read more ]

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Maite Duran

Experts for Expats

In the last five years, Maite’s company, Gringo Visas, has become one of the most respected facilitation services for expats across Ecuador. From humble beginnings working alone in Cuenca, Maite now leads a... [ read more ]

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