Ophthalmological Institute Matamoros – IOM

“I Was Blind, But Now Can See.”   Where would we be without our vision? It’s probably a question most of us would prefer not to think about. Our vision, our ability to see and perceive our world, is probably the foremost of our senses. Without it, we are quite literally, “in the dark.” The Read more about Ophthalmological Institute Matamoros – IOM[…]


U.S. Quality Care at Ecuadorian Prices If you’ve lived in Cuenca for any amount of time, you have probably passed the three-story building on Huayna Capac, near the intersection with Simón Bolívar and You may have commented on its distinctive appearance—a curving glass front with red, white and blue accents. Even the name on the Read more about LA CLÍNICA DE FRACTURAS[…]


The First Family of Printing Have you ever wondered what goes into publishing and printing the free, monthly “Cuenca Expats Magazine?” I am somewhat aware of the side where the salespeople secure advertisers who pay for their space and also persuade businesses to have a Business Spotlight written for them to promote their product or Read more about The DURÁNS OF GRAFISUM[…]

Natasha Verkley · Hearts of Gold

Together Everyone Archives More Natasha Verkley loves a challenge. When she became the Executive Director of Hearts of Gold, the charitable organization was in the midst of a big transition and a serious cash shortfall. The last 18 months have been filled with problems to solve, miraculous events, and hours of work from hundreds of dedicated Read more about Natasha Verkley · Hearts of Gold[…]