Dr. Melissa González – English-Speaking Cardiovascular Surgeon

You’ve Got to Have Heart Introducing Doctora Melissa González Urdaneta By Teresa Drake Photographs Courtesy of Dr. Melissa González There is an old song called “You’ve Got to Have Heart,” and Doctora Melissa González Urdaneta has lots of heart. The cardiovascular/cardiac field is her love. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where her parents still Read more about Dr. Melissa González – English-Speaking Cardiovascular Surgeon[…]

Dr. Diego Serrano

Dr. Diego Serrano Electrophysiology Cardiologist Cuenca’s Specialist in Pacemakers and Defibrillators   By Henry Noel – Photographs Courtesy of Dr. Serrano   Over the past several years, Ecuador’s world ranking for quality and cost-effectiveness of its medical services has steadily climbed. What does this mean to us? What it means is we are getting some Read more about Dr. Diego Serrano[…]

World Class Healthcare in Cuenca

Ecuador’s Medical Community By Henry Noel   Ecuador is the recipient of increased visibility due to the influx of visitors and immigrants to this small South American country of just under 17 million people. Immigrants from all over the globe are seeking the slower pace and reduced cost of living as a refuge from the Read more about World Class Healthcare in Cuenca[…]

Dr. Marcelo Cisneros & Dr. Eliana Oleas

CORPORE CLÍNICA Reshaping Your Future By Henry Noel Photographs Courtesy of CORPORE CLINICA and Nathalie Duffau   Since the first plastic surgery procedure was performed in 1597, advancements in reconstructive surgery have been monumental with a mounting list of procedures being performed improving the quality of life of thousands of individuals from infants to the Read more about Dr. Marcelo Cisneros & Dr. Eliana Oleas[…]

Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana

Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana Mobile Dentistry in Cuenca By Henry Noel  –  Photographs Luis Nieto Dentistry is one of the many professions being afforded the opportunity to reassess patient needs, modify its image and provide care in ways otherwise not considered in the past. This is coming about because of the world’s aging population. Even Read more about Dr. Luis Fernando Orellana[…]