October 27, 2015

About Us

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· Cuenca Expats Magazine – Celebrating Life Together – is published by a strong team of local business people.
The magazine publishes positive, upbeat, community content, focusing on photos, lifestyle articles, backgrounds, talents, gifts and contributions of the expats who live and work there.
· Cuenca Expats Magazine’s mission is to help build a stronger more cohesive expat community by introducing expats to one another. We will accomplish this by highlighting the similarities we all share as we journey to become integrated into Cuenca society and take our place as new and productive citizens.
· Cuenca Expats Magazine’s further endeavours to make its readers aware of other expats who have similar interests and introduce opportunities to join in and be a part of ongoing activities of mutual interest. We hope to become the “go to” source of what’s happening in our expat community.

Our Philosophy

Our advertising philosophy is different from any other media you may have purchased in the past. We believe advertising should be an investment and NOT an expense. At the end of the day, you should be able to quantify your return on investment with any media. If you are not making money, like any investment, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Unlike many people selling advertising, we are professionals. We have been selling advertising to small and medium sized businesses for over a quarter of a century. We are passionate about using our experience to help small and medium sized business owners grow.

We are successful small business owners. We understand what it takes to successfully operate a small business on a day-to-day basis. We are all too familiar with the challenges business owners face in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Despite these challenges, we know how to help you succeed.

We are not looking for advertisers. We are looking for long-term business partners. We believe that if we do our job right, you will experience a tremendous return on investment and you’ll want to work with us for a long period of time. In other words, we believe it is our job to help you grow. If we do our job well, you will want to do business with us for a long time.

We believe in value. Our job does not end after we’ve placed your ad in our magazine. In fact, that is just the beginning. We believe that if we create a suite of goods and services that has so much value you will ask yourself “why wouldn’t I do this” versus “why would I do this”.

We are committed to your success. We understand that the only way we can truly succeed is to help you succeed. We develop long-term sustainable strategies the ensure your advertising success. Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realise advertising and marketing success.